This was a fairly good film about an older gent who used a walking stick and wheelchair because of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS and Motor Neuron Disease). It was set somewhere in picturesque Scotland. The gentleman had a couple of businesses, one of them was a restaurant where two waitresses abruptly quit and left. The main character comes along (an old friend) to mediate to sell his business interests. Good scenes to look out for – the teenage daughter of the old friend gave the little girl to the ill fella some little bracelets, second scene was were the friend couldn’t start an electric generator. There was also a guy running a similar business in the film who felt threatened and tried to punch the guy with ALS as a business rival. There was a couple of funny scenes including the teenage girl trying to chopping wood and falling for a long haired waiter who ran the restaurant side of the business. The guy with ALS underwent oxygen therapy but in the end took his own life by going scuba-diving. He left his wife a taped message to say goodbye and for her to move on. This then paved the way for Katy (the female lead) and the old friend to start a new relationship and make a new start. I’d give this rather lovely film a 7/10 rating. It’s well worth watching.
I’ll try to do my Home and Away blog in the next few days. Laugh