I don’t believe that I will forget just what I was doing a day or so before the Official Lockdown began. I was at a local theatre watching the film “Emma”. I guess with my autism and learning disability I simply didn’t get the wording or the language of the film. The acting in it was fine but it felt like it was simply on a level that was well beyond my ability to comprehend.
During the Lockdown for me it’s been a whole new routine. I’m not venturing out as due to my MS I’m classed as being in one of the vulnerable groups to catch to a infection like Covid-19. It’s a very scary time but I , with my other half Frank, just keep the best routine we can. In some ways I feel a bit calmer doing more practical chores like my music, social media etc, than being out and about at various theatres, cinemas etc, which, luckily for me, is what I was doing on a fairly regular basis. It’s made me think and contemplate more, think of others, be a pain in the neck sometimes to my partner Frank (ha ha). My friends from All Saints Church have been a great moral support, strength and comfort.
May be when this Lockdown is finally over if my favourite pop star Lolly (aka Anna Kumble) does a tour of her own that would be a fitting tribute for me for the Lockdown to have ended. I’m not convinced that a vaccine or effective treatment for Covid-19 is going to be this year. I, like everybody else, want life to return to normal but I don’t believe this can even begin to happen for at least 18 more months. I only have my gut intuition to go on, I’m not medically trained but sometimes when your out in the world that’s all you can really rely on.
This is an informative video I found on the internet.
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog, I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Take care, and my sincere best wishes. 🤢🤧