I wanted to comment about an article I recently heard about, and then glanced at, in the Daily Express newspaper about Motability cars. What looked like friends, family or Carers using the Motability cars without the client or disabled person being in the car with them. Whoever is driving it, to my knowledge, the Motability car is not allowed to be driven without the client being in the car themselves. I’ve heard some people do this and, if caught, these people should at the very least be given a fixed penalty notice. I will say this though, there are some people out there who think only those in employment, or those who can afford their own car, should have them. Well disabled people frequently don’t have the same ability to venture outside or go anywhere without a car. In some cases these people need a special or specific type of car for those with Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Having a convertible type of car gives them a rush of adrenaline and for them they can, for a short while, feel normal, settled and happy. My EX used to sometimes hire out a convertible car, and when we used it at reasonable speeds it was my idea of heaven, so I hope for those in genuine need, who want or need a convertible car under such circumstances, that they can still get 1. I will say Motability is good, but when you need to part with all or even part of that money to obtain a car, wheelchair, or whatever it is, you really notice the money is not there anymore. I was told about something called Taxi Tokens in my area. They still exist but only for people who already have them, the Scheme is not open to new people – a real shame. So with my worsening MS I cannot now apply for them. Finally, perhaps number plates should carry a logo that would identify it is a motorbility care.