This is my personal view: I propose ending Social Care assessments for adults aged 18 or over in their own homes and everyone would provide `Self Assessment`, the money saved should go into providing better services for adults. Also I want to axe `service charges` that clients at present are required to pay,  and to cover this a saving would clearly be made if the role of those commissioned to calculate service charges were axed. Reducing the number of managers who are clearly a massive drain on the public purse should be considered too.
I hear you asking just how would you prevent fraud in such cases? Well more use of Doctors letters, i.e GP input, on what the patient needs. Also Occupational Therapy assessments + copies of anything that can be proved are correct. Another reason I think Social Workers should no longer be doing these sorts of assessments is because staying within their budget is more their main priority than sometimes helping the clients. Also the more complex the disability, the less likely that you are going to get a fair and balanced assessment for the client that they require.
I propose the above savings and greater use of Self Assessment. I think it’s a scandal that those answering the telephones in the Social Services call centres don’t clearly understand what the term Self Assessment means. I  propose much better training for those in the call services, and if it looks like a complex case, i.e. like myself, then a single multi-needs assessment meeting with everyone + the client present would be best to air opinions and input equally. I’m sick that over the past 15 years or so, I have had to clean up the mess Social Workers and these so called experts leave behind. The real experts in all this are the Clients themselves. Most of the time they know what works for them.

Her Majesty’s Government – hear my words! 1 day make my contents of this blog a reality for disabled people.