Monte Carlo is just a superb film, apparently based on a book. It was very plausible, while at the same time being very funny in parts and while not being too over the top, a hard balance to achieve sometimes I think. I went to see this particular film because it was starring an actor called Luke Bracey who previously played Trey Palmer in Home And Away. I did feel somehow now that the character Trey Palmer was hotter than Luke Bracey himself. I’d definitely give the film 8 and a half out of ten. The best scenes were the blond character wearing a nice yellow dress, with a sash of some kind, while going on a date with a Prince, and then later in the film she helps out the catering stuff carrying a tray while the prince looks down on  her for doing so. I guess she was trying to say she was normal and just like everyone else. Also a female character being tied up to a chair, with an apple in her mouth to gag her, was a really funny scene, as was a female character having a go at Horse Polo, having not really done it before, and the horse just wanders off. Catherine Tate, while putting on an awful accent, sees that the character is just impersonating her niece in fact. Luke Bracey takes off his shirt while jumping into the sea with Leighton Meester, but when Trey ever took off his shirt for me it was a different feeling. Maybe I just like Trey’s scene a lot more than Luke Bracey’s Scene in this particular film. It also shows the 3 girls running after a tour bus, and it reminded me that Trey in Home And Away planted a bomb under a bus (it was in fact part of the characters exit storyline in Home And away). I remember thinking, thank goodness the 3 girls were not running after that same bus! Luke Bracey’s character takes a blue necklace home with him by accident, then all hell breaks loose while the 3 girls try to recover the necklace, which belongs to someone else (a rich girl) 1 of the characters that is being impersonated. There is also a very good scene where all 3 girls walk down the stairs while 1 of them wears this blue necklace. I felt rather Broke afterwards. A brilliant PG Film, I’d highly recommend you go and see it everyone. Rolling on the floor laughing P.S. I’m glad I saw this film last Thursday as this film is now only being shown at my local cinema AM not PM, and due to my MS I’d be too tired to see it AM.