This production of Guys and Dolls was done by a local amateur dramatics society. The cast were all very good in this production but my firm favourite was the police Lieutenant Brannigan played by Crispin Goodall. My favourite songs in this particular production were Adelaide’s Lament (which made me smile) and Marry the Man Today sung by the principle ladies (the most poignant and touching song and scene). I thought the scene at the end of act one where the gamblers have to flee from the Mission Hall was very good, and another amusing moment was when a trio of gamblers are discussing where they can hold a dice game but then pretend they are discussing wedding venues when the police Lieutenant walks in. The plot, for those of you who don’t know the musical already, is where one gambler bets another $1000 that he can’t date any woman the first gambler picks. He then picks the leader of the local temperance/anti-gambling mission (a sort of Salvation Army group). Needless to say the second gambler, when trying to win the best, falls in love with lovely gal. I would give this particular stage show a 7/10 rating, a good solid reliable cast in a good musical. I was prompted to go and see this because “Guys and Dols” is an awesome term I often use myself. 

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