We got to see as part of `Kid’s Club` today the animation “Ferdinand” I had waited eagerly to see this animation for quite a while as due to my MS and the chronic fatigue that comes with it I hadn’t managed to see it any earlier. I thought Ferdinand was very good, a bull with both a heart and moral conscience too. It can make you think is bull-fighting a good thing or not. My favourite characters in it were the little girl Nina, and the bull Valiente who was tough but was shattered when he lost his horn to Ferdinand. It had a happy ending with all the animals going to live on Ninas’ farm. One interesting fact I learnt was that the actor David Tennant did the voice of Angus, although at first I thought this voice belonged to Billy Connelly. I did recall while watching Ferdinand an episode of Columbo which featured bull-fighting in it, a very good episode, I wonder maybe what Ferdinand himself would have thought of it?

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