An older looking woman starred as the rather cruel Queen Rat. The bad little girls scurrying around with their little false ears as naughty rats were the real highlight of the evening for me. The Queen Rat hypnotises Dick into a trance whilst asleep into steeling money from a grey combination style safe within a shop. Then she makes her forget it, yes “her” I say, Dick is played by a girl with long blonde hair, a suitable hat and some sort of small stick bundle. There’s a beautiful fairy who is rather good in this but more than once, whilst trying to sing, the band drowned out what she was trying to sing.

The panto dame and the Idle Jack characters were good and in particular Dame Sarah. Sadly I never caught any sweeties this time, from the carrier bag of goodies, to take home. Just why do all those under a certain age have all the fun with this, especially whilst singing “snakes hiss” in the Old Macdonald had a Farm song? Sadly there was no water pistols to be seen or felt, and no real smooch could take place at the wedding of the two lead characters who were both girls (Not very well disguised).

I’d give this particular panto a good solid 8/10 rating and the cheap programme very good value for money. I certainly preferred it over the recent amateur Aladdin (another local panto we went to see). The another Aladdin I was meant to see, quite simply to be or not to be, was the question one famous guy stated aloud, but our rather dire circumstances at the time certainly meant not to be but just maybe not by Mr Hamlet himself?

Take care to you all, and I sincerely do hope you will keep on reading my blogs for a great many years to come (but maybe not the full 110) good night for now all. Laugh