I’m rather tired now so I’m hoping, just this once, to keep my blog short, but rest assured, from inside me somewhere comes my very own thoughts and perspectives whatever and whenever they may be. I try to blog about my ongoing disability in a style that is relevant to everyone, I’m the sort of person who calls a spade is a Spade. Some people on my website think I whinge a bit, but if I do, rest assured, I do it to raise ongoing multi complex disability style issues. Trust me, certain professionals, in Social Care especially, take some very absurd decisions just to save a few quid. I want to see the experts in NHS and Social care in English law being seen equally along with the views of their own clients or patients. I spent too many years cleaning up the mess Social Workers and some people in the NHS made to my own life, they failed to work together in the past, and 3 years ago now, due to a flawed Occupational Therapist report that took into account only my physical needs not my mental health needs, I lost my home. I couldn’t cope with a court case that would have happened if I had not walked away and started a new life in a new location. I’m now housebound and, little by little, I feel my disability and pain worsening, and experts just don’t interpret me that well, as the system in the UK is not set up in a `Holistic Style` way, which for me personally really needs to change. I’m sorry to those people who feel I whinge a bit and are maybe sceptical, but honesty is the best policy to me, and if it comes across as that, just think how you would cope if a Social Worker said we don’t pay for someone housebound to venture outside when they need a carer to take them outside? Or an endless stream of excuses from experts who refuse to take my entire disability into account or even attend a meeting to discuss such things. I rest my case.
I saw my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder specialist last week, I had not seen him for over 2 years. He mentioned to me about a couple of `sound techniques` to help me cope a bit better, and about a sort of electrical belt that had been used on horses. It was nice seeing him, I can only hope my local Mental Health Team act on it. Things are not going so good with my MS, and certain people involved with me, most people that actually know me, get me, but some of the NHS people & Social Care just don’t empathise with me, and if your family are dead, you’ve been estranged, or spent time in care, it feels like there is nothing out there for you. Somehow against all these odds I will get justice, and try to help change the way the law reads so it works for disabled people not against them, like it does sometimes. Experts, if that is really what you are, not what you claim to be, listen carefully, be accountable, open, and make real personalisation a reality for disabled people, most of us know what works for us. Give us the funds to get on with it, and stop seeing us as just a checklist/criteria, we are genuine very ill people, and if most of you actually lost your jobs the funds would be there for us to decide what we wanna do with our lives.
Goodnight All.Be right backEmail