This film is amusing in parts but more serious in others. It focuses on three mothers and their relationship with their mothers at Christmas time. One mother is middle class and over the top with all the decorations, another down to earth but wanting to be too involved with her daughter, and the other wild and irresponsible. Over the film they learn better get along with each other. My favourite scenes were when one mother and daughter were pulling the Christmas tree apart in an argument, another was when a stripper turned up at the big Christmas dinner and announced his love through a strip-tease. The story-line about one of the younger mums and the stripper was my favourite line and my favourite actress and character was Kirston Bell. I would give this film an 8/10 rating, a great film that I bet one day will be screened as a Channel 5 afternoon movie, but maybe not for a few years yet.  :Angel: 

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