A body of another missing girl with brown hair is found. In this particular case though Police are saying there are no suspicious circumstances involved.
In Mineola, I have no real idea where that is, there is flooding and there is more expected over the next 24 hours or so.
Katie Goodman and her just awesome accent, she did a report about Olympic Cyclist Jason Kenney who has 2 gold medals. He says its not really sunk in yet, and his feet really aren’t touching the ground at the moment. I think it was said he’s from Bolton, that’s not all that far where I was originally from – Moston. He’s 24 years old now, Katie Goodman says he doesn’t sound modest about his win whatever that means. Laura Trott, in Breaking news at the time, has now also added to Team GB medals. I think she’s a cyclist. Team GB now have 20 gold medals under their belt. There was shown onscreen cyclists coming a cropper on their bicycles, not sure who though. There was a bronze, I think, in a sailing event. The team did well, as did Usain Bolt in his event/heat. Team GB, I think, a 1st gold medal in this event called Dressage, known as the dancing horses by some people. Anyway, according to my favourite reporter, currently Olympics Correspondent Simon Vigar, Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton had more events to go this evening, and Simon Vigar’s little joke at the end of this part of 5 news UK summed up the mood of the nation. It was very good touch – he stated, and I quote, “they should bring back the Tug Of War” he said with a nice smile, and I though at the time was that ever a Olympic event? If so bring it on, and bring it back. I wonder who will win it, hopefully though not the Tories? I hope not. A good report by Mr Peter Lane about the Brownlee brothers, who won medals, and are Team G.B. Triathletics. Peter Lane spoke to the brother’s local baker who lives very nearby. They love their bacon and brie sarnies he said, and they both won us another 2 medals for Team GB. 88 percent of the UK apparently tuned on TV into watching the Olympics at some point, I think 5 newsreader Emma Crosby said this. Yesterday, according to my favourite reporter and Olympics Correspondent Simon Vigar, 1st were china with 33 medals, 2nd were the U.S.A. with 29, and Team GB 3rd place again with 20 medals.
A care home, which had been filmed undercover by a TV documentary, I think I saw it when it was 1st aired, has since closed down and the residents that were living there were moved to other homes. There were warnings signs there and some safeguards too, but they were all sadly missed before this TV documentary exposed the real truth of the matter. 11th person, a man, now found guilty of this shameful act. A South Gloucestershire guy says things are better now, and he won’t resign. Well we will all be watching, with our eyes and ears wide open everywhere we can on this V.I.P. issue. This should never be allowed to happen again. Install CCTV in all places and using a curtain for when someone is being undressed may go some way at least?
12 year old girl Tia Sharp is still missing, hardly any trace so far. The family are in bits with constant worry, and although 1 member of the family is speaking to the media, it wasn’t on camera. The police are still searching undergrowth in her surrounding area, and CCTV, showing what Tia looked like the day before, was shown on-screen to try and jog someone’s memory. She left home with no mobile phone or her Railcard, and 11 pounds cash approx. We heard she was going to buy shoes which I thought would cost a lot more than that, but when the term Flip Flops was used I understood, as I think they are priced a little bit cheaper than shoes. 
P.M. David Cameron visited an outward bound centre, he thinks there should be boundary changes to cut the number of MPs in the House of Commons. Nick Clegg says as the Tories broke their contract so they will now oppose this in retaliation.
5 Weather.
Drier, warmer, plenty of showers, chilly warm in the north.
The U.V. Count.
Weather girl Sian Welby only advises today to wear some sun cream.
I’m hoping that more people will sign myonline petition on abolishing service charges in Health And Social care in England and Wales. So far it feels like I’m hitting a bit of a orange brick/blank wall on this, but I do believe in this V.I.P. issue and, put simply, don’t believe disabled people and other vulnerable groups should have to pay it. Money-wise, we are stretched enough even more so now, with both cuts in Social care and the NHS, and we are also losing a lot of reasonable flexibility too. I’m hoping to have a web link soon to this online petition on the front page of my website. If you do sign it many thanks for doing so, we have about 8 months left to get the 100 thousand signatures required to get this issue debated again in the House of Commons. So far we only have a couple of signatures, a good start but not nearly enough as yet. Next this coalition government will stop paying for our kids to be educated.
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