It was a very humid kind of day today, I constantly had a very dry mouth and was very tired again. I survived though thank goodness.

I watched the original “Clash of the Titans” film, which I saw when I was about 9, on CH5 today, the original is best, I wouldn’t bother watching the remake version. I love watching Judi Bowker as Andromeda. she was always good in the children’s classic TV series “Black Beauty”. It’s nice seeing her in a different role, and it’s the only film role that I’ve seen her as an adult.

I also watched “Pocahontas” on CH5 today, and all of a sudden it came to me that Billy Connelly was the voice of one of the seamen. I thought it sounded a bit familiar somehow. I like this, inspired by true events, Disney marvel. The voice of Pocahontas is superb and the songs are awesome too. “Pocahontas 2 – Journey to a new world” is fairly average, a bit unrealistic and I think the voice of Pocahontas in that is played by somebody else. Pocahontas best mate is my favourite character in “Pocahontas”, it’s nice watching them play fighting in the local river.

I still would love a Smart meter to be fitted in my home. It would be so nice and easier to be able to read my meter and actually try to see what I have used. I am a private tenant so for now that remains impossible. People who own their own homes can much more easily get a Smart meter. I don’t want to have to wait decades for one, I think I deserve to have one in the near future, due to my disability and unique circumstances. Hopefully I will get one when I move to a new flat.

Take care all, I’ll be back in the near future, goodnight. Laugh