Dear Blog,
The weather here feels a bit humid at the moment, and with the severity of my primary progressive MS I feel very fatigued pretty most of the time right now.
Tonight on BBC1 I watched Panorama about the illegal ways some people use to make loads of cash saying they will dispose of car tyres legally etc, and then very clearly not doing so – fly tipping them; burying them in the ground, which can sometimes be even seen from space. Just awful etc. A husband and wife were mentioned, both criminals who leased a warehouse from a woman, filled it with a lot of tyres, and then they just disappeared into the night, taking the money they had been already given to dispose of the car tyres and then leaving a massive bill for this woman to pay to dispose of  the car tyres legally and the right environmental way. A legitimate car dealer said they didn’t have enough car tyres, we need even more he said. Some car tyres ended up places like Vietnam illegally and then they used them to make energy. I was torn tonight, I didn’t know whether to Watch Panorama BEC1 or Dispatches CH4, but due to the rather unsual subject matter Panorama won in the end.
I also believe that the TV licence fee should definitely be axed. I think it’s long overdue that BBC gets sponsorship from Companies, for example Eastenders sponsored by Tetley, Kenco etc, and a pay per view system for the channels consumers choose to have and according to that indivials own personal taste. I’d most definitely keep CH5 and 5* but Id love to have  again SCi channel Boomerang; Cartoon Network and Disney channels back but I feel, put simply, that I simply cannot afford to do this.
Goodnight everyone my blog are my real true thoughts spoken by me. Sneaky 

P.S. I have started a petition on service charges clients are obliged to pay Social services departments for their care. I call this myself the disabled persons poll tax. A new web link to this blog will be as below. If you agree with me I urge you very strongly to please sign, it we need 100 thousand signatures if we are to stand firm and get this V.I.P. issue debated in the House of Commons, hopefully the law will then read differently and be much more fair and flexible towards disabled people and other vunerable groups too. Many thanks all for taking the time to read my unique style, bit extrovert at times style, blog. lolWink