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Gloucestershire father suspected of killing his three kids then himself in Shropshire. They seem to have lived in a tight community with a blue collar vicar. Dad fell from a cliff or quarry, his red Landrover has been found. The children were stabbed.

16,000 athletes to arrive through Heathrow for Olympics. Tessa Chapmen says it’s been the busiest day ever for Heathrow. (I confess I am a bit sceptical about this fact). The sun is out of everyone’s hands she said. Theresa May looked a bit silly, having to draft the army in & police from 9 forces.

Matt Barbet commented on a high increase in our population according to the latest sensuous figures.

Railways to increase capacity, Leila Hayes reported, and faster trains. 9 Billion pounds to be invested but who actually pays? The service is getting worse one guy said. With wages stagnating passengers should not pay. Building work due to start in 2014. People are saying that many people now may be priced off the railways. The coalition stood very well together on this.

Syria now declared as in Civil War so measures stepped up, Louise Beale reported 16,000 now supposed dead. William Hague commented on situation while in Libya. The UN continues to try to monitor the fighting there, but the future is looking bleak.

Cut of 9 million in BBC wages. A few less stars there now.

400 meter hurdler `The man killer` featured on Simon Vigar report. Dai Greene can complete his medals from World to Olympics competitions. Dai was taller than Simon, and I liked his Union Jack `cloak`. (I’d never heard of Dai Greene before).

Mat Barbet highlighted the Gulf Stream is expected to move north again producing maybe dryer weather.

“Bieber Fever”, Mini reported that it is more contagious than measles and buying excessive merchandise, faster heart rate, wheezy and flustered are some symptoms. Should fade by mid-teens. Mat Barbet said he thinks he hadn’t got it.

Weather – the rain fizzling out, humid first thing tomorrow in the south of the country. UV medium so pop on factor 30 in some places. 

I posted a couple of viewer weather photos to 5 news via twitter. Sian Welby said she did not want rainy style photos but its clearly very rainy, dull and humid here.

On ITV1 main news today Clair’s father was talking about how `Clair’s Law` would be piloted in some areas. The best of luck to him in his campaign in his daughters memory.

London Mayor Boris Johnson appeared to play down some minor problems about the Olympics such as the M4 special lane showing favouritism for the Olympics over the normal motorist. For now he seems to be putting on a brave face.

Take care all, goodnight. Laugh