Dear Blog, I listened to 1 of my favourite singers, Rebecca Black, doing her regular `Question and Answer`session this afternoon on You tube. Her lovely giggle and smiling personality were all there for the entire world to see. She’s bringing out her first album I think fairly soon with new songs & material. She says now she’s a bit older her voice sounds a bit different but her unique awesome voice is still there absolutely. I’m going to buy her new album, but I hope this time that it will be available to buy on CD not just on MP3. My next of kin tried to order me 2 postcards of Rebecca Black today and a white large “I love Rebecca Black” T shirt, but when it came to checkout and payment there was very clearly an unforeseen problem I so hope he wasn’t charged twice. Money is so tight enough as it is, he was only trying to help me, and it went wrong for reasons unknown on her website. Rebecca Black fans, I’m not saying its not a good idea to order her fans merchandise via her website. It was also made harder changing USA dollars currency into pounds, I hope this soon gets sorted out, fingers crossed here’s hoping so. Rebecca Black is going to be performing, probably with her pop star mates, at a concert in New Jersey USA. Very lucky them, I certainly cannot go due to the cost & distance, being in my attendants wheelchair. Trust me, me going there would give me a real mountain of problems and issues which, put simply, I could not even begin to solve. I really do hope Rebecca Black will do a tour of the UK, it would be absolutely fantastic if she were the warm up act maybe for 1 of my other chart favourites, for example Kylie Minogue or even the pop group Steps. Long Live Rebecca Black and may you have a long and established career, you really fully deserve it. I guess you are now aged 16 approx at least, and as for anyone who ever bullied you more fool them, you showed them all Girl. Take Care all. Goodnight, pleasant dreams to each and every 1 of you that reads my unique style type Blog. Call meStarGirl