Dear Blog/Mr Richard Desmond,
This blog is for all those who read my unique style blog and for the attention of Mr Richard Desmond, his other half and his advisors.


Me and the awesome cast of Beyond the Barricade!

The Beyond the Barricade theatre show which can be contacted through is my number two show. (My first being Blood Brothers). Myself and my squeeze Frank recently went to see this show yet again in Manchester. I’ve seen this show more or less since it first started, quite a few years ago now, at a number of theatres. My loyalty to this show remains firm and solid. What I’d like this Christmas is for Richard Desmond to screen their Xmas special, to be shown on CH5 Christmas Eve or Boxing Day 2012. I think it’s time that when it comes to musicals Andrew Lloyd Webber is not the only one to hug the limelight, there’s others too. The Beyond the Barricade show contains a great many songs from the famous musicals, also including a number from the Little Shop of Horrors. Also to look out for is what they term “The Silly Medley” which comprises of a medley of songs from children’s musicals. Hear my plea Mr Desmond, this show is a must see for the whole family and would do really well on your TV network. I would also ask that the show be filmed in one of the theatres outside London such as Manchester, Liverpool or Blackpool so that the spotlight is not always on London and the West End. There is no DVD that I can watch of this particular show, Christmas is much more isolating for me so make my Xmas complete by trying to grant my request if you please. Whatever you decide, good luck when you and your girlfriend get hitched, I bet you’ll be very happy together.
Good night all, don’t let those nasty or tasty bedbugs bite.