Barclays needs a real change of culture. Mervin King, Governor of the Bank of England, said are banks being deceitful and manipulated a key interest rate. Bob Diamond forgoes his bonus this year. There is mounting public anger and Labour say actions not good enough. Bankers may go to prison said PM. Dreadful time for the banking industry being in crisis, political editor Andy Bell said. I’m not really sure what all this means.

FSA condemned the scheme `swops`, which was supposed to protect small business against rising interest rates but which often costed the business £2000/month and was very confusing, and trying to leave had massive penalties, and the scheme has even driven some out of business. Leila Hayes met an art gallery owner who was going to the wall.

Euro zone Governments have stuck a deal, important steps had now taken place.

The Post Office now in profit for once.

Floral tributes left for 2 year old Jamie who sadly died in the gas explosion. Family of the little boy were upset but some of the floral comments raised a smile. A police Inspector read out a touching statement from the family. At this stage the police say they have a completely open mind on this issue. A good report by Julian Druker.

Severe flooding thanks to a deluge of water, the wettest ever for the last three months. Peter Lane was in County Durham reporting. The results of a flash flood through someone’s home was shown on screen. Flood victims spoke of the shear speed of the mess. Peter showed a brown line on a wall up to his neck that was the height of the water. Ridiculous weather had stopped but the clean up just begun. Landslides had disrupted trains and 40 schools had closed in the North East.

In contrast there are wildfires in Colorado out of control. 

China’s first woman astronaught returned to earth after 13 days mission.

The Prince of Wales received 11% more from the tax payer last year but his costs had gone up to pay for his new daughter-in-law, wedding and clothes for official events etc. He got 18.3 million from his Duchy of Cornwall estates. Princess Kate doesn’t have a royal dresser and the sons of Charles don’t have butlers. A nice report touch from one of my firm favourites Katie Goodman.

Singer Katy Perry releases film about her life. She feels it says to her fans that they are not alone in their problems, she’s learnt lessons too. A good report by Mini Stevenson. Not keen on her music but like her hair.

Newsreader Emma Crosby asked the question “Should women get the same money in tennis”. Put simply, I have no idea.

Weather – was a wild week of weather said Sian Welby. Some frequent lightening expected in places today. 14 – 20 selcius weekend temperatures. UV count – medium uv – advised to put on sunscreen during afternoon.

It was nice seeing Mr Simon Pusey reading the Lunchtime news today, but I hope Mr Simon Vigar will read it again soon. The Go Compare advert with three little pigs was really quite amusing. The hotel inspector ads are very good but the bachelor ads look like trash to me. My sincere apologies all who read my blog that I don’t blog more than I do. Goodnight all for now. Laugh