Alf has a form of treatable but not too serious malaria from his recent visit to Thailand. He’s very cold and snuggles up in blankets. Dr Sid says it’s treatable, lets hope he will be OK in the end. 

Romeo and Indie are very distant with each other but it’s still very clear there are strong feelings between them. Ruby appears oblivious and carries on with her plans to start a surfing shop business with Romeo. Romeo transfers $8,500 Ruby had given him to start up the surfing business. Indies financial mess is now sorted out but how will Romeo be able to explain to Ruby where her money’s gone.

Lottie needs to be aware, Dex and April reminisce and start to become closer again. It looks like Lottie may soon have a broken heart.

Harvey insists he wants to be on his own after Lottie and Roo surprise Harvey with a picnic on the beach. He says he thought it was an emergency, “Look I need some space.” But Roo corners Harvey and says she and Lottie will be there for him no matter what and he has to open up and deal with that reality.

Heath continues to cause friction between himself and Liam over Bianca’s baby. Bianca still has Preeclampsia and the baby she’s carrying may be born too prematurely. April offers her support to Heath saying that Bianca is not trying to push him away. Brax says to Heath “That won’t help” referring to Heaths drinking. Heath visits his dad who I will call Daddy Braxton, he’s old with a very strange looking moustache, he actually reminds me of someone, I’m not sure who though. Heath and his dad have a chat in prison and Daddy Braxton appears to think Brax is being too cautious and over protective.

Sascha wears a strange outfit which little to the imagination, she’s trying to flirt with Casey while Dex is tutoring him with his school work. Sascha looses it when something burns in the oven. I bet it wasn’t turkey, poor Xavier.

Gina continues still to see the good in Jett, Jett is being very evasive and elusive when speaking to Gina. He then confesses that he was the one that mugged Marilyn, Jett then returns the handbag to Marilyn and apologises. Then the police arrive after John Palmer tipped them of as he thinks things have gone too far. Jett is then taken to the police station and they search Jett’s home. There is rubbish stroon all over the floor and general chaos. They find Jett’s mum dead in the bedroom on her bed, cause of death unknown. It then transpires Jett’s mum has been dead for three days and he has had to fend for himself  all alone. It’s little wonder then he was nicking wallets and money just to survive and in one scene was eyeing up some sandwiches very hungrily. Gina offered him some but he then refused.

Hayley is back in the bay, on the lookout for Liam. Leah warns Hayley off and says Liam has enough going on in his life at the moment. Liam finds out that Hayley was involved or helped the criminal who later shot Charley. He then pushes Hayley away, but after trying to drown herself in the sea, liam says he will be there for her.

I love doing my Home and Away blog, watching Home and Away on 5* every Saturday afternoon is now my idea of heaven after becoming housebound due to my ongoing MS. It’s raining here again, I saw briefly on CH4 news tonight there is yet more flooding in some areas of the country. The very best of luck to them, Goodnight all. Sleepy smile