Labour want to delay train contact. First Group win out over Virgin but can they afford it?

Helicopter shot down over Syria, rebels say it was them that did it.

Andy Murray stars in the American open in a few hours time, the ground suites him and he’s been training solid for 5 days. A good report by Simon Pusey.

This summer could be the wettest ever reported 5 News but I’m somewhat sceptical.

Singer Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) rumoured to become a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. She should leave with the great skill of dancing.

Shares fell in Samsung by 7% probably due to loosing that legal battle with Apple.

A lion spotted in Essex, search called off, neighbour Susan Wright saw it – a big cat she said. Expert workers from Colchester Zoo called in to help, some are sceptical but the story spread like utter wild life. I bet it wasn’t a Siamese cat.

The Paralympics – two days to go. “Keeping it real” says a paralympian. It kicks off on Wednesday at the opening ceremony. 2.2million ticket sales so far, the best ever paralympics. Team GB’s target is 103 medals. China, for reasons unknown, playing down their own medal chances.

Hurricane Isaac 400 miles across, its path is difficult to predict and it’s the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. They’ve declared a state of emergancy in Florida. There is around 80million tourists a year in Florida, the next 24hrs are crucial they say.

Canoe accident, capsized on a day trip, recovery operation still in progress. Two brothers died and their 32 year old dad dead too. A five year old girl was seriously ill in hospital but has now died too. A Canadian Canoe was used which is a bit unstable especially if all the people stand up in it, the families had just buoyancy aids. An 8 year old girl survived, swimming ashore to raise the alarm. People are asking where were the lifejackets and it’s what I’d ask too.

Weather: a very nice cows viewers photo, lots of rain in the west, the Met Office issued a yellow warning. UV tomorrow was medium but feeling quite warm.

Tuesday 28th News: With Hurricane Isaac building, heavy rain all over Florida forecast. American lady reporter said it was very quiet, didn’t need to worry about curfew as people staying indoors though some still moving around.

My sincere condolences go to the dead father who they haven’t found yet.  

Richard Branson not happy with train bid so he’s started legal action.

Prolonged, heavy use of cannabis started at an early age will stunt your IQ, a report said today. That won’t put me off trying the cannabis spray for my MS.

Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice dress today.

(On a side issue – women are under represented in the board room, targets weren’t met)

I won’t be watching the new Dallas TV series but I do believe that Victoria Principle, and JR’s second screen wife, actress Cathy Podewell, who had an awesome accent, should be in it.

Take care everyone, thanks for reading, pleasant dreams to you all. Smile