5 News UK was sadly brought to an abrupt halt due to technical problems. I’m wondering if the satellites in space lost the 5 News UK signals. After 5 News you had old chinese food and cookery clips before sadly neighbours came on. I love Home and Away but not Neighbours.

Rupert Murdock was not “fit” for running a company the `Home Affairs Committee` said, they were undecided about James Murdock, but Ofcom are now doing a rolling review. Roy Hodgson has got the England football managers job for the next 4 years apparently. He was the only one to be approached to do the job. I wish this gentleman well in his new job/role, but I think the powers that be should have seriously considered more carefully Harry Rednapp for the job. I love his daughter Louise’s own singing voice more than him, but as he was the firm favourite with pretty much most of the public I think he should either have been interviewed or given the job. The fans are a football teams own bread and butter, this should always been bourn stongly┬áin mind. By the way all I’m a Leicester City fan myself.

I hope 5 News UK publically release the reason for today’s technical glitch. I guess curiosity kills the cat…..Smile