The weather here went very gloomy & cloudy at about 4.00pm today, very early to me, it seemed like it has been raining a lot but lightly so far but apparently there is still some gale force winds on the way. On 5 News UK tonight the lead story was about a man, and some others were maybe involved too, climbing the Shard building in London (a building I have never even heard of) to expose security breaches there before the Olympics and the Queens diamond jubilee. I think they were so silly, they could’ve been killed doing that, how utterly pointless. There has been a exercise on the Thames in readiness, and during the Olympics there will be 20 thousand security personnel around. My favourite building in London that I’ve never ventured in myself I think is called the Gherkin. Andy Bell, political editor, was talking about a new planned Home Improvements Tax. There’s a consultation going on over it at the moment, and it may become law in 2014. If they do it at all it proves to me this government is out of touch and is losing the plot, the housing market and the money situation in our country makes this especially a absurd idea. The Black market of alcohol was mentioned, and pensioners got a small rise in benefits and allowances. Good for them, but lets not forget please that disabled people also need to hear some better news than what we have been hearing over the last 18 months or so. There was a tanker crash which split the tanker open it looked like a nasty long fire onscreen, it may have been carrying petrol. Mr Simon Vigar was talking about Camilla. She had some recent high award for her (now being in the royal family) given to her by the Queen on her her 7th wedding anniversary, and some members of the public were asked should Camilla be referred to as the Queen when Charles is King. I think that’s a very terrible idea, and I think Charles should do the right thing by the people, and after the Queen’s death fairly quickly abdicate. Reporter Mr Julian Druker did a report about a Syrian ceasefire now looking remote. The ceasefire apparently should have started tomorrow but the chance for peace appears to now be disappearing. At long last I have heard of someone over Easter doing egg rolling, apparently American Presidents have been doing it since 1878. I had mentioned to a number of people to enjoy rolling your easter eggs down a hill but most people glance back at me bemused. Well at least President Obama does it, I cannot be the only 1 now, can I, who thinks about doing it surely, am I missing something here? Reporter Mr Simon Pusey did a touching report on 2 abandoned horses, 1 of which sadly had lost an eye. There was 565 horses abandoned last year, horses showing neglect, and horses being abandoned, sometimes in fields. 1 major factor being peoples lack of money in the recession etc. I really felt an empathy for the horses Simon Pusey had met in his report. Ruth Liptroot did a good report on a male plasterer called Mr Zip who had been on Britain’s Got Talent. Although I’m not into Rap music myself I rather like this ditty, it had a lot of character in it. The Cheeky Girls were also in their short skirts then mimicking the song, Ruth Liptroot herself had a good go too, go for it girl! The only other RAP style song I have ever myself liked is Daz Sampson’s Eurovision entry. I liked Emma Crosby’s figure hugging but tasteful pale blue (probably Debenhams) dress on today’s 5 news was nice. I think she would suit a shade of purple. Though my gut feeling tells me she looks tall on 5 news but I guess that could be an illusion.
I also read in today’s Daily Star newspaper that the guy who is the UK entry for the Eurovision song contest wants to have black hair dye on stand-by by the BBC when he sings, it’s his only request. I think the BBC should do the right thing and give us viewers either a public vote on either the song or the artist itself. It is, put simply, not democratic enough the way they are currently doing it, and I also think it is now fully justified that the BBC lose the screen rights to show it. I’ve briefly heard the Russian entry with those older ladies in it, and I think them and Jedward will do ok.
The Rain here now is getting much heavier mores the pity. I think thunder and lightning will be on the way next, but with so many hosepipe bans now in place, its probably better it either rains or pours, but probably not Easter Eggs in Cornwall I mentioned to a famous man in my eyes today on Twitter.
I‘m starting to become tired now and drained. Goodnight all.