Britain’s boundary challenge. Andy Bell highlighted that at present there is little to indicate a border (miles become kilometers) between Northern Ireland and Eire but after Brexit? Get it wrong and the peace process could be in jeopardy. A hard border with controls could see the troubles return. Business and people fear the worst and say they are getting no answers to their growing questions. Brussels has made it a priority, and the UK Gov’t has given its position today, however while they say they won’t want a hard border they also say they intend the UK to leave the Customs Union which makes border controls highly likely. 

Donald Trump sparked more controversy by again stating the violence that lead to a death of a protester last week was due to violence on both sides. After being criticized for this at the weekend he was then more explicit against the far right, but now appears to have back-tracked. Teresa May has been more open about her condemnation of the far right and the difference between them and the anti-far right protesters. Other prominent Republican politicians have come out against the violent far right in America.

Britain’s biggest warship sailed into its home of Portsmouth today for the first time. Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth finished its sea trials and now is the fleets Flagship. But at £3 billion what else could we have bought?

As our population gets older so the help they need gets bigger for longer. As the demand grows so the the present system struggles to cope. It is forecast to double in the future. There is a shortage of beds now in the cheaper end of the market as funding for social care is reduced. Pressure is also growing for care at home. Catherine Jones was investigating.

Peter Lane reported from Sierra Leone that hundreds are still missing and hundreds dead after the mudslides. Their Gov’t has declared a national emergence and called for assistance. Survivors told their stories and families wait for news with little hope left now. Many say Sierra Leone has had more than its fair share of disasters recently.

The luckiest pub? The Mallard has had four previous Lotto winners and now the Landlord himself has won. He has stuck to a gentleman’s agreement and shared some of the winnings with his mates. Mini Stephenson met the lucky locals.

In the last of three reports Simon Vigar took victim of child abuse Sue Adie to meet the founder of a support and campaigning group for abuse victims. They discussed shared experiences and feelings about such abuse. It was noted that since Saville thousands had felt able to go to the police about their historic abuse they suffered.

Daniel Craig has admitted he is in the next Bond film (Bond 25) due for release in 2019 but it will probably be his last as Bond. Sian Williams suggested Matt Barbett would make a good `Odd Job` (a baddie in Goldfinger) but I think `Nick Nack` would be better (a baddie in The Man With The Golden Gun).

Weather – Showers are to be expected. For now the rain continues to head eastward. The weather will start fine for most of us tomorrow but showers will develop in the afternoon. Max of 75F