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Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice orange Debenhams’s dress that looked rather good on her.
A review on the cost of petrol at the pumps is now taking place for motorists, but the review sadly won’t include the money that goes direct to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. His cut is way too big. Anyway, the review is long overdue, most people say a small car cost a lot still to run. 1 guy motorist says are the costs of oil being passed on to consumers. A fairly good report by Tessa Chapman.
There are no real changes, same old faces. Labour leader Ed Miliband alleges there will now be 31 people sat round that V.I.P. table. Every department can now focus on the economy. A part time Chancellor who should be sacked some people think was touched on. Theresa May has been publicly booed and Boris Johnson still digging his heels in over 3rd runway at Heathrow. I think he wants it to be somewhere else – nearby estuary place or something not sure.
Really, it was either the figure of 500 or 900 people are set to lose their jobs at Direct Line. I think the company sells insurance products of some kind but am not really sure.
1500 metres – the guy nicknamed the Werewolf won a 3rd gold medal. Also 1 may have gone to Sarah in a cycling event. Murder ball is sheer aggression, it is my favourite, reporter Simon Vigar said. I think it was said the USA did rather well at this event. In the medals table team G.B. are second place and China 1st with 54 medals, and apparently there’s still some sailing to come.
Celebrity star Alex Reid, the ex husband of the model Jordan, causes some criminal damage to his house. Chantelle Houghton is inside in the house, its been reported they are arguing a lot and may split up.
There was something on about allocation of seating but not sure what. 
The Save the Children charity are now starting to help children in the UK – more demand for Food Banks. Spark Hill food bank says it’s worrying some mums are eating leftovers, and it was reported I think it was 1 in every 8 children can miss out on a hot meal each day. This didn’t seem to include school meals though. Some mums are going hungry to feed their kids and some parents sadly in tears over it. The P.M. says the tax credit system should help but rising cost of living keeps on rising. David Cameron probably cannot really see the wood for the trees on this V.I.P. issue. He is also man who is treating disabled people badly. He promoted the previous minister for disabled people when in reality she should have been sacked or at the very least discipled for hurting so many vulnerable and disabled people.
A man who I had never heard, of a past Paralympian, was onscreen being interviewed. He should be publicly honoured or at the very least be acknowledged for his past achievements, he has a place in history his friends, family and supporters publicly say.
Simon Cowell wants to do a special X Factor show to highlight Olympians and paralympians. I just don’t think the X Factor is the right place to do it though far more interesting. He mentioned there was a boat sinking, and Simon Cowell and his henchmen helped out with the rescue effort, but he said the coastguard got there before them. Well done indeed to the coastguard for pumping out the water from a boat apparently that had started somehow to sink.
There was a nice viewer photo of the sea shown onscreen. Most places dry. 60 M.P.H.  winds in Scotland, high to low teen temperatures expected tomorrow which would’ve been Thursday. Saturday should be rather warm as well.
Medium, wear at least a factor sun cream 30 is recommended.Smilebrb