There was a minutes silence at the crime scene in Manchester today in honour of the policewomen who died yesterday.

Mini Stephenson reported on the very happy news that Robbie Williams wife had given birth to a baby girl, Robbie said he knew she was the girl for him.

A new report out from NICE for GPs advises against over-prescribing Paracetamol for headaches. Prolonged use could make it worse not better.

Mr Simon Vigar reported on the end of the South Pacific tour. William and Kate are going to stop briefly in Australia, I bet it’s not to watch my favourite Home and Away.

Another publication in a European country is going to print the pictures of Kate, they can’t prosecute everyone can they?

Newsreader Emma Crosby wore blue again and almost blended into the background with the set.


In other news, talk of freezing more benefits announced, need to make 10 billion savings. Who gets hit but the frail and disabled as usual.

I don’t think there is any truth in the rumour that Boris Johnson will challenge for the Tory party leadership, others may try¬†before the next election.

Many thanks for reading the blog, take care everyone, goodnight. Laugh