PM Teresa May gave her keynote conference speech earlier today. Speaking of wanting to build “A fairer Britain” and being on the side of “ordinary working people”. Andy Bell reported on her wish to move the Conservative Party to the center ground. She mocked Labour and even had a joke with Boris! She said change was coming; that low skilled/low waged immigration was an unfair distortion of the labour market; that all should pay their taxes especially the rich; that Brexit was an opportunity. Andy Bell spoke to people on the street, some believed her but others didn’t. He said that May indicated more government intervention but that Brexit was a big shadow over her Premiership.

The man convicted of the murder of Cyan Blake (ex-Eastenders star), Kent, was told by the Judge that he would spend the rest of his life behind bars for her murder and their children Kent stabbed her when she informed him she was leaving him. Julian Druker reported on her family’s heartbroken grief and their anger over his lack of remorse. Cyan had Motor Neuron Disease and had been unable to defend herself.

The `Fake Sheikh` Mahmood , renowned undercover reporter, has been found guilty of perverting the course of Justice. He had carried out a sting on Tulisa, singer and ex-X Factor judge, and had tampered with witness evidence when it had come to court. He himself had not given evidence at his trial but said he was shocked and surprised at the result. There are now previous targets of his stings considering legal action against him. Simon Vigar (my favourite reporter) reported that the King of the Sting had finally stung himself!

Jogger Ben Smith has completed 401 marathons in 401 days! His last was in Bristol with 300 supporters and fellow runners. His parents who had backed him were there to congratulate him. He had run for two charities who work on bullying and raised over £250,000, he himself had been badly bullied at school. Unfortunately Drs. say he must keep running less distances for more days to help his heart readjust.

TalkTalk has been handed a record fine after it’s records had been hacked. It was said that their security measures were so lax that it had been easy.

Babies are being rescued on board the migrant boats from Africa to Italy. Three were even found to have been born on one! Ships are working day and night in the Mediterranean to find and rescue the migrants before their flimsy rubber boats sink.

UKiP are in chaos again after their new leader of 18 days resigns. She said in a statement that she felt she had not had the authority or the support to put through the changes she felt were needed. The paperwork on her victory hadn’t even been completed so Farage is still leader. He joked that he keeps being dragged back in and wouldn’t be standing in the new election. Other candidates are now putting their names forward.

Haiti has been severely damaged by a strong hurricane.

Rod Templeton, successful song writer, has died at 66 due to cancer.

Weather forecast: tomorrow will be mainly dry but cooler, especially out of the sunshine.