Thieves take a bike – a gold medal cyclist has had a training bike nicked to sell onto the sports memorabilia market.
Mistreatment in a care home – Two people found guilty of mistreating patients after an undercover TV programme revealed what was really going on.
There had been a report of a hi-jacked plane earlier today but apparently it was a false alarm.
The biggest tomato fight in Spain was highlighted.
Andrew Strauss announced his retirement from cricket. Felt his best days were now behind him. Reporter Peter Lane said he had had 7000 runs. Some nasty text messages from another cricketer was also mentioned. Dickie Bird says he was a massive influence in the game and in the dressing room.
Hurricane Isaac does it’s worst but defences holding, gold coast being punished but it may rain for days. People are in shelters, Isaac is a category 1 hurricane but it’s clearly making its presents felt. One gentleman said he thought they’d dodged a bullet.
There’s too many celebrities getting MBEs or OBEs. It’s suggested that ordinary people are getting overlooked in favour of celebrities. A couple who fostered children waited 35 years for their work to be recognised. Civil servants and soap stars should be considered just doing their jobs. Sometimes getting them was all a nonsense said Gary Lineker. More from Gary on this on the 6.30pm edition news said Emma.
Nick Clegg calls for an emergency tax on the very wealthy. The Chancellor was scared of scaring off the successful businessmen. An aggressive strategy some say, the Lib Dems have suggested something similar before but Labour and the Tories clearly do not support this proposal.
Opening ceremony at the paralympics could be cold and damp it was reported. There is expected to be 80,000 people in the stadium tonight. Silver torch heads to the stadium from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, torches looked interesting, didn’t know the torches would be different colour. People are still hoping for a dry opening ceremony. There will be a flypast by Aerobility and a disabled persons circus act. HRH the Queen, William and Kate will be there, and Stephen Hawking who had a guest role in Star Trek, the Next Generation, will also have a role here. (It was reported elsewhere that there will be a different selection criteria for future paralympics games to assess ability, a rather complicated formula).
Torch bearer 7 year old Pollyanna Hope – she had been hit by a bus and her grandma had been killed in the same accident. Pollyanna’s mother had spoken of helping others get limbs. I liked the fancy nice sock (I think) with faces on it. When Pollyanna grows up she wants to be a paralympics horse rider. Newsreader Emma Crosby says she is just adorable.
At 6.30 tonight more on Mitt Romney’s bid to win the Whitehouse. Earlier on this afternoon I heard his wife say some inspirational things.
Weather – nice viewers picture of a nice rainbow. Soggy afternoon with some localised flooding. Scotland and Northern Ireland slightly better conditions. UV medium, easy to get burnt say Sian Welby, wear at least a factor 30 sunscreen she said.