Dani Sinha presented today’s show, the last before its revamp. (I eagerly await the new look)

2 children die in a suspicious house fire in Birmingham. A boy aged 8 and a girl aged 6 could not be rescued and later 40 miles away their father was found with critical injuries in a burnt out car. The police say the incidents are linked and that they are not looking for anyone else concerning the house fire. Louise Beale spoke to shocked neighbours who said that the family was relatively new to the area but that the children were well liked. The mother was physically unhurt but needed supported by specially trained officers.

Uber taxi service in trouble after two drivers win a court action to be treated as employees instead of self employed. They now are entitled to tea breaks; sick pay; holidays; the minimum wages, etc. The company plan to appeal and say most of their drivers want to be classed as self-employed as it gives them freedom and flexibility. A big knock-on to fares is now forecast. Uber has been a rapidly growing company but on the back of exploitation? The ruling will have possibly big repercussions for other workers in other industries.

Scientists have come up with a 96% effective injected contraceptive for men. Side effects include acne and mood swings which could put men off using it, and some women would be reluctant to trust men to take it. Catherine Jones (Health Correspondent) interviewed some on the street and got a mixed reception. Could it replace the only male contraception method available at present – the condom?

Simon Vigar reported on the failures in drug testing at the Rio Olympics. A report out highlighted the gaps and deficiencies such as the large numbers of athletes who were not tested at all (4,000 out of 11,000) as they could not be `located` at the time.

`Happy feet` at the Antarctic. Ruth Liptrot reported on the awarding of “Marine Protection Area” to protect the areas wildlife and habitat. It had taken years for this to be agreed between 24 countries including the EU, Russia and the US. There is now no fishing in this over fished region.

Prince Harry highlighted the need to conserve elephants in Africa at a summer project in Malawi. They were saving 100+ by moving them from a heavily hunted area to a safe area. Harry demanded action against the poachers. Mini Stephenson reported on the issue he raised.

News in Brief: A thirteen year old has been found in a burnt out shed near Doncaster, formal identification was awaited. New fighting in Allepo but this time its the rebels and fundamentalists pushing outward to break the siege. The UN say IS are taking civilians in Mosul and using them as human shields, killing anyone who refuses. A truck driver has been filmed letting illegal refugees out of his vehicle. Tony Blair has said there should be a second referendum to allow people to reconsider the Brexit vote, but the Government say this is not going to happen. The Republican Vice-Presidential candidate had a scare after his plane skidded on landing. England’s oldest hotel in Exeter has been damaged by fire.

Weather – Saturday will be mainly sunny after a misty/foggy start due to high pressure. Sunday will be overcast at first but some areas clearing.