The end of the beach for seaside donkeys? In many seaside resorts other rides are increasing such as trampolining. Mini Stephenson reported from Paignton where the Council has refused the return of their donkey rides despite growing local public support for them.

Celebrities joined friends and family to say goodbye to agony aunt Denise Robertson in Sunderland.

Simon Vigar, royal correspondent and my favourite reporter, was with the royals William and Kate in India. They were highlighting wildlife protection and conservation, especially from poachers and widespread human encroachment. They met orphaned rhinos, and elephants. This is a subject close to the Duke and Duchess’ hearts.

Police are looking for a missing school boy in Southern Scotland.

The Culture Secretary is under pressure to give the job for supervising the media to someone else. He has had a relationship with a prostitute and, when he found out, he ended the relationship. When the papers heard they didn’t reported it!  Labour wants him to give the Media aspect of Cabinet up to someone else, they argue the papers have used it to pressure the minister to not implement the Leverson findings. The press say they didn’t report what they felt was a non-story years old.

The official leaders of the respective campaigns in the up-coming E U referendum have been announced. “Stronger in Europe” for the in campaign and “Vote Leave” speaks for the Brexit side.

Many women are subject to stalking and harassment with cyberspace making it worse. The internet is a great place to find out personal information and follow your subject. Many women don’t report it, and for those that do many find it of no value.

The Government have published the figures of the cost to deal with refugees – £1/2 billion.

Immigration has significantly increased from Southern Europe, e.g. Italy and Greece, looking for better jobs and stability.

The family of Geoff Hurst has called for greater research into brain injury and Altzimers and possible links to heading in football. Today the ball is lighter but travels at a greater velocity. Hundreds could be affected.

Tesco has announced a big turn round in profits. From a 6 billion pound loss to hundreds of millions profit. Tesco remains the biggest by far supermarket chain. The boss was confident but it still won’t be an easy ride in the future with more costs to be cut. Are the days of giant stores over? (I hope not).