Andy Bell reported on Boris Johnson’s calls for protests against Russia’s actions in Syria – especially the recent bombing of Allepo where Russian planes have been bombing in support of Syrian gov’t ground forces. Boris even suggested that Russia’s actions amounted to war crimes! However people in Allepo say its all words and no actions, and while many call for action their is no unanimity as to what action can be taken. Russia has said they have done much for aid delivery in other parts of the country. Little is expected until the US presidential election is over.

Samsung is counting the cost of trying to jump ahead of Apple in the mobile phone wars. It has had to stop production, and advise users of its Galaxy Note 7 to turn them off after continuing incidents of them catching fire. Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, said it had been selling for over £600 but now many didn’t want it. Experts say it is a design flaw and the phone itself is too slim.

Helen’s Law was highlighted again, a proposed rule that says that killers who won’t reveal where they have hidden the body or bodies can’t have parole. The new `law` has heavy support with over 300,00 signatures on a petition calling for its introduction.

Mini Stephenson experienced what it was like in a driverless car today! A new model is being tested in public to gauge response. It is guided by sensors and lasers, with a computer doing the work. It was said that driverless cars could be a regular sight on our roads in 10 years but Mini got a mixed reaction on the street.

Rod Stewart is knighted by Prince William for services to music and charity work. He promised not to slow down and spoke of his parents looking down on him proudly. He recalled some of the ups and downs of his music career, especially when he had throat cancer.

Childhood obesity was in the news again with a study showing a 1/3 starting senior school were overweight. Catherine Jones (Health Correspondent) reported on the problem that many kids still don’t know what healthy eating is or that they are even overweight themselves. Even their parents may not be fully aware of their kids problem. One teacher observed that with junk food available at as little as £1.50 how can you stop it? The gov’t seem to have had no success on this issue.

In news in brief it was highlighted that an inquest noted that if teachers in a Scottish school had been told by other pupils that one of them had a knife the death of a 16 year old could have been prevented. Also Southern rail is to be hit by another 3 days of strikes; and the Duchess of Cambridge is on her first solo trip to Europe encouraging trade links.

Finally the pound remains low following the Brexit vote, however this was good for Business exporters and this was shown in the strength of the stock market.