Shoes and clothes sales rise due to the warm weather so far this year. Syria’s President will apparently respect the cease-fire, here’s now hoping. UK Border Agency not yet managing to send home every foreign national who has committed an offence and done time here. A country called North Indonesia is suffering earthquakes, apparently the difference from the big tsunami is the displacement on the seabed is different, PM David Cameron was visiting the country to promote trade there, a good report by Mr Simon Pusey. Tessa Chapman, the lovely and talented girl she is, was reporting on a  man now jailed for 11 and a half years as he set a fire that destroyed a local family furniture business, I think this was in Croydon, there was £3 million damage and the family owner’s said that as they had been in business so long it was like suffering from a bereavement. Andy Bell (political editor) was talking about a tax relief cap, the government is not being charitable towards charities, Nick Clegg says some people are avoiding income tax, some people are now saying they will now give twenty percent less to charities. Nick Clegg, Lib Dem leader, did a good deed, he has managed to get the gas and electric companies in their bills and letters to customers the cheapest tariffs, of course this will not include the cheaper tariffs available from rival companies, well done Mr Julian Druker for an informative report on this important issue. The paralympics – some more contestants are now confirmed for Team GB, it adds more pressure on them competing in their own home country said one, the home crowd should make some noise another said, the judo team seem very energetic and sound a bit to me just like scousers, Simon Vigar said a botcha gotcha, a good report but didn’t understand the last bit. 1 Direction are now being sued over their name which an American group said they already own, they want a share of the profits and are suing for $1 million, yet another embarrassment for Mr Simon Cowel. Michelle Obama, dressed in Lycra, on USA TV exercising, whatever for, bazaar.

Weather (sponsored by Pimms)

There was a nice viewers photograph of pink sky lightening, a lovely picture. There will be snow over the mountains in Scotland they say.