Royal Reporter Simon Vigar said it was a nice barmy, ceremonial and spiritual day. It’s fifty nine years ago today, he said, since the Queen’s coronation. She travelled in an open carriage with Charles and Camila but without Prince Philip who is still in a private hospital with a bladder infection. She also enjoyed lunch at Westminster. There were millions watching on TV, a lady wore a small flag on her face and she said she was having a good time. Finally there was the balcony scene while there was a flypast by the RAF. `Grannie – one of the greats` was what Charles had called her at the concert, For the Queen she said that the best part is families and neighbours getting together and the concert too.

Lovely reporter Louise Beale stated that the Duke of Edinburgh was aged 91 next weekend. Prince Edward who visited said that the Duke needed a good rest and couldn’t say what channel the Duke of Edinburgh was watching the concert or jubilee festivities on. Sadly 5 News UK didn’t show singer Kylie Minogue singing at the jubilee concert. Leila Hayes reported Southampton welcomed three royal ships in poor weather. Mini went with her own small mobile tent, spoke about the Mexican Wave and to two women in Blue corsets. Mini, drank a strong coffee and then the Queen arrived, I don’t think Mini needs her beauty sleep. Simon Vigar spoke about collective memories in the rain under an umbrella. Nice picture memories of the diamond jubilee was a very nice touch.

A little boy, 2 years old, had 7 hours surgery after being hurt by a cruel dog. Footballer Joey Barton yet more grief for him. There is a £106 million Euromillions jackpot coming up. Lets hope I win it, here’s now hoping.

Weather, Natalie Verney wore a nice dress, more showers by lunch time, sadly wet and windy on Friday.