A Serious Case review in the murder of 21 month old Ayeeshia Jane Smith by her mother Kathryn Smith has decided that her death wasn’t preventable but that warning signs were missed by the Social Servises and NHS. Julian Druker reported that the report concluded that the Derby services were too focused on her mother’s problems of drug and alcohol which overshadowed the child’s growing needs. 

Suicide charity `Silence of Suicide` are raising awareness of Grenfell suicides with survivors and witnesses under great stress. They report that at least 20 have tried to commit suicide and many suffer from disturbing visions, survivors guilt and experience drug and alcohol problems. Tessa Chapman reported on the effects of local councils and the NHS to reach out but questioned if it was enough. It is accepted that the mental health suffering is underestimated and has been too slow, especially as those that need help most often don’t ask for it. Princes’s William and Harry visited a new centre for such people.

Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, reported on  the arrest of four serviceman for being members of the banned neo-nazi organisation `National Action`. They face a ten year sentence if found guilty.

A global catastrophe possible? Russia warns of this in relation to the situation in North Korea. The UN has demanded greater sanctions against the regime, but Russia says they simply won’t work. South Korea has held a naval display of power after North Korean nuclear bomb tests which were of maximum embarrassment to China and has exposed disarray in the China leadership. North Korea is dependent on China but can they influence North Korea? Many are saying diplomacy and dialogue is vital not posturing and military action.

Bruce Forsyth was buried after a private service. A memorial service is to follow for the public.

Lego is to shed 1,500 jobs.

An episode of Peppa Pig is to be banned in Australia. It speaks of spiders being small and harmless, but in Australia there are breeds of spiders that are both large and potentially deadly and authorities are afraid children may get hurt.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that her SNP Scottish Gov’t would be scrapping the 1% pay raise ceiling for public sector workers in Scotland. I welcome this news.

Andy Bell reported on the return of MPs from their summer recess. Brexit is top of the agenda. David Davis MP reported to Parliament about `action` but there was audible disbelief amoungst Labour MPs. The Gov’t is to produce legislation to enable GB legally leave the EU but Labour say the bill is effectively a blank check and intend to vote against it.

In royal news a French publication has been found guilty in a French court of invading the privacy of William and Kate, and fined £20,000. In positive news the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her 3rd child but her dreadful morning sickness has returned. Mini Stephenson reported on an interview by Megan Markle to the press. Is she signalling wedding bells (the interview would have had the support of Prince Harry). Bets on a royal wedding have been suspended.

Weather – Tomorrow will be dry but unsettled again on Thursday. With rain overnight Wednesday will be clearer but breezy.