Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice dark blue mini Debenhams dress which looked elegant on her slim frame, with silver pendant and brown high heels shoes. Just how she can walk in such heels is beyond my comprehension.
Abu Quatada loses his latest court hearing to be released from jail.

A country, not sure where, lost power when 2 electricity grids went down.
Peter Lane does a good piece tonight about a hoax 999 call yesterday morning, and a lot of time and money spent on it. A little girl who, I think she said she was 3 years old, called Elle, said mummy’s on the floor. The conversation is then played back to viewers to see if they recognised the child’s voice. The entire phone call lasted 33 mins, and it appears 2 girls were involved. The Police eventually tracked the call down, and were talking to their parents to see what action they should take next. Bet the girls are in big trouble now.
There was a news piece about breast cancer and some GP’s not sending women to be checked over for cancer at the hospital. In some areas of the country there are big gaps between the amount of referrals being made. Smoking and poverty were also not taken into account either. Chris, a Lady, her cancer had spread to her spine and I think it was incurable.
A teenager, I think it was a male (5 news could not publicaly identify who it was) but he was arrested for posting nasty tweets on Twitter, including abusive and death threats. 1 was very nasty about Tom Daley’s dad who had died last year of cancer. Tom is considering what his options are, including quitting Twitter. Louis Smith had quit Twitter for similar reasons. I think a water polo team and other competitors in the Olympics have quit Twitter, some for now, but some for good. It’s a real shame, I so love Twitter. A great report though by Mrs Katie Goodman.
The men’s gymnastics team won a bronze medal. Louis Smith dedicated his medal to his late grandma. Leyla Hayes showed the viewers `the mushroom`, a miniature thing that children can practice on. Apparently the Team GB gymnasts started learning it that way. I wonder what would have happened if Leyla Hayes had tried to have a go herself? Simon Vigar, my all time favourite reporter at 5 News, said Team GB’s Zara Philips had won a silver medal (presented by her mum Princess Anne), and she is apparently the 1st royal to do so and have a normal kind of life without the HRH title. The royals are absolutely thrilled. I think Germany came 2nd in this event, although I could be mistaken. Simon Vigar states Team GB at the Olympics are having a sluggish start, for example, a canoeist was no longer in the Olympics, and a struggle was had with what looked like a boat (British) that could be in trouble or even sinking. The medals league table so far: China; USA; France; and sadly for us Team GB 21st. A 16 year old swimmer who, I think was from China, swam very quickly and set another world record. She’s been accused of using dope, I guess that means drugs of some kind, but she says publically she’s clean. “Product of a gold factory” said a chinese man. There’s no evidence that she broke the rules the Olympic organisers say. 900,000 turned up to one Olympic event. Lucy, a cyclist, is still trying to find her sun glasses.
Weather sponsored by Pimms. Breezy rain or showers, rain going northward, southeast sunshine starts tomorrow. 23 celsius brisk breeze. Thursday – sun and showers, 21 celsius. UV low but medium in the southeast.