Tropical storm Harvey continues to wreak havoc in Texas with forecasts of yet more to come. There are 9 confirmed deaths and 10’s of thousands are fleeing the destruction. This is the worst natural disaster to hit America for 10 years (like Hurricane Katrina) and the first for Donald Trump who is to visit the area tomorrow. Over 4 foot of rain has fallen and roads have become rivers, dams and levies have overflowed. Julian Druker interviewed survivors who spoke of their terrifying ordeals and split families. He also highlighted the work of the authorities to save people such as by helecopter, but where the authorities are unable to cope many ordinary citizens are there in boats braving the storm. 

North Korea has caused a storm of protests and anxieties by launching a test missile over part of Japan into the Pacific Ocean. The missile was one capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The Japanese PM is highly angry at the provocative act and our PM described the North Koreans as “reckless”. The missile is the 14th such test this year and was clearly designed to put pressure on neighbouring states to put pressure on America. However the condemnation is universal, expressed at the United Nations and the action may backfire.

The issue of Post Natal Depression was highlighted with Layla Hayes reporting on this condition that affects 1 in 10, but which only 1 in 5 actually report. GP’s say the silence is often due to stigma, and that raising the matter and “normalizing” it might help those who need it to seek help. The condition which can lead to mothers not bonding with their baby causes feelings of fear, guilt and alienation from their baby. Many fear they will be branded a bad mother and the baby will then be taken away.

Peter Lanes’ subject was the Gov’t Brexit plan. He visited Boston in Lincolnshire which had the highest leave vote and interviewed leavers and remainers. Most are fed up, confused and frustrated at the lack of developments, some were highly critical of an EU spokesperson who said our Gov’t approach was unsatisfactory. It was observed that at present it was all political with few decisions being made public. 

In a brief news item a 4 year old boy has been found dead in a swimming pool in Devon. Police are treating the death as unexplained.

A young British actor has back out of a high profile Hollywood movie role after there was much criticism a white, western actor being given a part that many viewed should be played by an Asian actor. (`Whitewashing` this is called). Mini Stephenson reported that the makers have said they will respect the criticism and recast appropriately. It was felt that for an aspiring actor to back-out of such a good role was brave and principled, but will it harm his career?

Was Ed Skrein brave and right to leave the high profile role.

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Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, spoke about the good news story of a promising violinist who suffered severe brain damage in an accident thirty years ago being given the opportunity of using modern experimental technology to play again. Rozie Thompson had electrodes and sensors fixed to her head through which she could play an instrument. She had extremely limited speech but could still understand what was being said and going on around her. The technology is aimed at others either born with, or acquiring, damage to the brain that produces difficulties in communication or functioning independently. 

Weather. Rain, showery in the north but possibly thundery in the south/south east will move across the country overnight. Tomorrow rain is likely, especially in the south/southeast.