Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split! Together for 12 years, married for 2, Mini Stephenson reported on this surprising Hollywood news (despite numerous rumors). Jolie said the decision was best for the family and asked for privacy for them and their 6 children. She would be applying for custody of the children.

Over 2 million are subject to scams every year: a victim every 2 mins, and a attempted text/email scam every 15 secs. Banks are training their staff, and one has launched a campaign to highlight the issue to customers and give tips to avoid falling for the scams.

French police arrest more suspects over the Nice terror attack.

Smoking rates continue to fall, partially due to e-cigarettes?

UN suspends aid convoys in Syria following the bombing of one such convoy with over 20 dead. Russia and Syria say they didn’t carry out the air strike but many disbelieve their denials. The convoy with blankets, medicines, and food was on its way to a rebel held area just hours after the Syrian Gov’t had declared the ceasefire ended.

Prince William has spoken of balancing his Air Ambulance work with family commitments. He spoke of dark moments which he has dealt with by talking with his fellow crew.

Paralympians arrive to an emotional return home to family and friends. Simon Vigar, my favorite reporter, told the cheery stories of success.

Parents of neonatal children are missing out on the support and help they are entitled to. Peter Lane interviewed some who spoke of a poor system which can deny parents the opportunity to stay with their premature babies due to there being no accommodation.

Mental health patients are being failed. A coroner said mistakes are not being learned with no action being taken by national bodies -an almost acceptance of a percentage of death. Bad observations, poor communications and poor involvement of families was reported by Catherine Jones.

Weather forecast: Tomorrow will be unsettled with persistent rain crossing the country.