Tony Nicklinson – Too paralysed to end his own life, he has “locked-in” syndrome, there is three more days of evidence in court to be heard, and at the moment the only way for him legally end his own life would be to starve himself to death. Some say there are 3,000 euthanasia deaths each year. Reporter Catherine Jones did a touching piece on this very important issue and wore a very nice red necklace that frankly suited her.

Leanne Smith killed her two kids, her partner had hanged himself whilst he was in prison. She may get up to 38years jail.

Death of the guy at the protest – more footage.

The rate of inflation fell, may drop even more.

Andy Bell reported on working parents of kids and child care, Sarah┬áTeather speaking some┬ásense on this. Child care may go on till 8pm in the evening. It’s not child’s play to afford it. There is also another similar review on this subject taking place. It’s also been suggested people who work with children may now need two `A` levels. I myself find that a bit crazy.

Greece – another day of tourism – Tessa Chapman talking to fella in a water taxi about the lose of tourists and how quiet it was. Strikes at airports putting people off, a VAT cut for cafes has been suggested to help.

Aung San Suu Kyi spoke at the London School of Economics.

Euro 2012 Peter Lane has tickets to big game against Ukraine. During report fans shook a nice green Shrek. Wayne Rooney may be in best form. Some policemen and one woman tried guessing the eventual outcome. I think they were hoping we would not be playing Spain.

Royal Ascot has tightened dress code to try to encourage elegance they say, no strapless dresses and there are at least thirty fashion police around checking the dress code was enforced. One woman wore a nice red dress and veil in this piece but I think the men looked just ridiculous. Newsreader Matt Barbet ended the programme with the gag “Yes, I should have put a tie on”. Yes Matt I think you should! Wear one every night.

Weather. There was a nice cloud viewers picture, blue skies and sunshine, gentle breezes, 18 – 20 selcius. UV count moderate but I know its high in the Meridian TV region.

I watched the CH5 afternoon movie today. It was rather amusing in parts and was about two people who meet by chance in a restaurant and hotel. They were both engaged to other people but the story was how they met and got it together, all sealed with a kiss at the end of the movie. Sadly due to an important phone call I missed a large part of this film, it was fairly good of what I saw, I’d give it a 7/10 rating.

Goodnight all.