Two policewoman are killed in Manchester, my former home town. Gunshots and a grenade heard. They had attended a reported burglary but the killer lay in wait for them. May they rest in piece.

William and Kate win their injunction against French mag `Closer`. Stop pictures from being reprinted in France and won legal costs, No compensation demanded made by the couple. Simon Vigar reported on their last day for their South Pacific tour – dancing in grass skirts.

Inflation looks set to fall at last.

Less joint operations in Afghanistan in the field for British and local security. Aim is to reduce British losses.

Polly Whitehouse read the news today, she did OK. I’m afraid when ever I hear her voice I think of the song “Polly put the kettle on”, I bet she’s heard that joke many times before.


I’ll be doing a more detailed blog sometime tomorrow about the superb CH5 programme “Baby Fever” shown tonight, so come back for that. There was ongoing speculation on where the royal couple would educate the child – Eaton? – and their entourage would grow though they don’t want it to grow anymore than it is. My favourite reporter Mr Simon Vigar speculated the baby’s name would be traditional rather than modern, e.g. Elizabeth or Diana rather than Harper Seven. Baby fashions and the high cost of clothes was discussed. It was said she is unlikely to go for big expensive labels like Burberry. William is going to be even more protective after the events of the last few days.

In public speeches I notice William only refers to her as Katherine. I wonder what he calls her in private – would it be Kate? If I could ask Princess Kate one question it would be this – “Just how long did it take you to grow your lovely long dark brown hair”? Maybe one day you will be asked this question by Mr Simon Vigar on my behalf. Princess Kate always acts with elegance and grace, with a nice smile too.

5 Newsreader Emma Crosby did a fairly good job narrating it. I’d give this royal documentary a 7 or 8 out of 10 rating.

Take care everyone, I am very tired now but very thrilled I got to see Simon Vigar in the royal documentary. A great many thanks for reading my blog. Good night to you all, pleasant dreams. Sleepy