Railfares set to rise yet again, linked to RPI, by 3.6%. (Critics say it should be by CPI which is a more accurate measure of such things.) Julian Druker spoke to passengers who were very angry at the rise, especially as they had seen no improvements only disruption, but apparently resigned to it. Some did say they they were considering leaving their job because the commuter fares were pricing them out of the jobs market. The rail unions are also unhappy pointing to higher fares but job loses. Network rail said things would improve soon.

The parameters around the Grenfell Fire Public Inquiry were announced today by the judge leading the investigation. Many say they do not go far enough but some accepted that they had managed to get more than was originally proposed. Catherine Jones reported that the judge will be looking into all issues relating to how, what, when, who that lead to the tragedy, but he won’t be considering social housing as an issue. That is being considered by a Gov’t `in-house` group which many don’t trust.

Do we have the right plan for Brexit? The Gov’t said it wants to have minimum customs rules for trading with the EU while being able to trade freely with others outside the EU. EU officials say either we are in or out of the Customs Union but we can’t be both. Business leaders fear that the Gov’t is promising what can’t be achieved.

India Partitioning 70 years on. India became independent but split into India and Pakistan. This lead to considerable trauma for both with riots, religious division and even deaths. Here the newsreels said little about this and concentrated on the pomp and ceremony of new nations being born. Here, a couple who had met during those troubles and got married were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary and reminisced about those times and their happy marriage.

The pensioner who tried to shield the late MP Jo Cox from her attacker has died of cancer. Jo’s family expressed their condolences.

Charlie Gard’s parents announced today that money raised to help him go to America for treatment but not used as he had passed away would be used to set up a trust fund to help very sick children in Charlie’s situation.

Digging for survivors in Sierra Leone’s mudslide disaster continues. Over 300 feared dead, over 3000 homeless. Poor drainage, deforestation and illegal building were felt to blame.

Simon Vigar reported on the woman who had bravely waved her right to anonymity to highlight her experiences and need for action against child sex abusers. After decades of waiting, she finally saw two men convicted of abusing her and sent to jail. One was a family friend, the other a teacher who, though known to be an abuser, continued to teach for over 20 years. The school (now demolished) had not told the police, and the judge was staggered at the failure to act by the appropriate education authority. The teacher was flagged on CRB but sadly no action was taken. There is now felt to be a change in attitudes as victims of historic abuse are more believed.