For the seventh time tennis player Nedal won the French open tennis thing.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave somewhat compeling and sincere testimony to the Levenson inquiry. Gordon Brown also wore a nice purple tie too. George Osbourne, our most unfortunate Chancellor, denied a plot with Mr Murdoch and he said he had no idea in the first place the Murdoch’s would bid for the entire BSkyB. It was pretty relaxed, PM David Cameron gives his evidence some time on Thursday.

Tesco report today a 1.5% fall in their profits. I don’t think there will be less counting their very own loose change.

A Mr Drew, a guy on education, will be interviewed by Emma Crosby on tonight’s edition.

HRH Prince Philip was 91 yesterday and today he had a fourty-one gun salute. I have no idea what this actually is.

Some actor called James Cordon won a best actors gong in the USA. He looked OK and did a touching tribute to his fiance. I was a bit surprised though that James Earl Jones (The Reading Room) did not win the gong. Simon Pusey did this report but yet again newsreader Matt Barbet said “Here’s Simon”, I still fully believe those two words really belong to Mr Simon Vigar and his very awesome red socks.

There was a good TV advert for my landline phone company – Plusnet – good on them, keep up the good work.

The PMs daughter, Nancy, was left alone by mistake in a pub not far from Checkers where ever that is. Members of the public thought this story was all hyped up, but ratherĀ unbelievable. David Cameron, the previous week, had gone to an event promoting parenting skills. Nancy, 8 years old, helped the staff in the pub until 15mins later David Cameron picked her up after realising she had been left behind by mistake.

Lovely reporter Louise Beale did a good report on primary school children doing maths lessons. 9 year olds having to learn up to 12 times tables, and 5 year olds reciting poetry. Some say it’s back to basics, I say it’s nonsense. At 36 years old this year I couldn’tĀ never do that.

Monique Gladding hurt her head on a concrete diving board. She did a joint jump with another girl. She’s already won in a way and she has made it all the way to the Team GB Olympics team. The best of luck to her after her bad accident.

Lovely reporter Tessa Chapman did a report on the awful recent wet weather that has been occurring. She went to Littlehampton (Meridian region) which had seen 4 foot of water, and she met a gentleman who had lost his job, and due to cost and his low income, he had cancelled his home insurance. A months worth of rain had fallen in 12hrs. South East has a weather warning. 6 to 10 days weather forecast not so good. Summer now slipping away some now observe.

Weather – Fairly dismal, 18mm of rain expected, chilly/cloudy tomorrow, overall rather cool. UV count – the South West beware of sun, although its raining from where I’m sitting.

Take care everyone in the pouring rain, maybe you all now sing in the rain just like me? Goodbye šŸ™„