Newsreader Emma Crosby wears a nice orange dress with a black stripe at the waist.
End to gangland feud hoped for in Manchester with the trial of Policewomen’s killer. Forensic examination of crime scene also continues, the police hope it will be a watershed moment with others coming forward against the gangs. A 22 year old from Merseyside has been arrested concerning offensive remarks about the Policewomen on Facebook.
Afghanistan warzone first – female artillery gunner gave birth and she didn’t know she was pregnant! First birth on the front line in the British army. Another woman said that apart from back pain she had no other symptoms. 200 have been returned home whilst serving abroad when they discovered they were pregnant. Sadly other soldiers have been killed there and were returned this week.
The person who made an abuse tweet about Tom Daley (Olympic diver) will not be prosecuted.
Tessa Chapman reported that the Royal couple have returned to his duties in Wales. They need to decide what to do next in the pictures scandal, lay low or pursue legal action. They need to find the photographer to stop further publications as he has copy write.
Sky TV has been declared fit to continue to a run a broadcasting media.
You tube Nick Clegg apology has been given a backing track by someone and it’s gone viral. Nick took a risk being seen as a figure of fun but looks a good sport. Are we laughing with him or at him? I rather like the look of the video.
Fast ride in America breaks down leaving punters stuck in midair! Security system had kicked in.
The Hobbit film about to be released, first of a trilogy. Mini interviewed a group of child actors, they looked better in their production! I won’t be seeing it, not my cup of tea.
6.30 – there will be more on the soldier mum in Afghanistan, and Fiona Bruce not dying her hair for TV – No gray for me and my fella.
Newsreader Emma Crosby I think wears blue again today.
Huge security operation as armed police flanked police killer’s appearance in Magistrates’ court. Various charges including 4 of murder and more of attempted murder. Greater Manchester police took no chances with officers both in the dock and in the public gallery. No plea submitted and no bail requested. The hearing only lasted for 3 minutes approx. and he yawned briefly. Flowers and condolences continue to grow at the scene, though the cordon there is smaller the street is still clear. PM David Cameron reflected on the tragedy.
Andrew Mitchell (Govt chief whip) called to resign, police feel the same. He tried to go through the wrong gate with his bicycle and was refused. He got heated but they stood firm. He is now laying low, and done some humiliating back-peddling. Big dressing down by PM was suggested. A good report by Tessa Chapman.
Birmingham Airport flights suspended when aircraft skidded of runway on landing (probably not on ice).
More unrest about USA bad, anti-muslim film.
Dementia campaign launched to raise awareness and increase early diagnosis. Sufferers have memory problems such as the gentleman who repaired clocks but started to forget people have given him clocks for repair. It is progressive and relatives describe it as having “semi-detached” loved ones – there but not in the same house. Talking about it is not easy, celebrity Fiona Philips is one backing the campaign as her mother and father had dementia. A fairly good report by Leyla Hayes.
Legal challenge seeking judicial review over GCSE exam marking scandal. Estimated in one school 31 had missed out on a C grade. Marks changed in Wales due to manifest unfairness.
Demands for G4S to forego their fee for Olympics security but they insist on collecting it, claiming they’ve already spent it.
iPhone 5 – hundreds queued for week to get the latest Apple iPhone costing about £529. Apple maps mistakes – Sale football club for Old Trafford! Several towns were not on the map! No quick fix for this problem but Apple still expected to take market lead.
Robbie Williams tweeted picture of his new baby girl.
Denise Van Outen said to be too good for Strictly Come Dancing as she has done West End Musicals. She said she’s done a bit of dancing (a routine in Chicago) but she’s not a dancer. I think she’s got a fairly good singing voice.
6.30. Report on campaign to ban page 3 girls in the Sun newspaper. (I think they should carry-on, I admire the page three girls.)
Personalised Barcleycards looks good in Ad. break.
The CH5 Autumn season TV trailer looks acceptable.
The weather here today (Saturday) threw bucket loads of rain down.
Take care of yourselves, thanks for reading my blog, goodnight to you all.