A legal bombshell for Brexit. The ruling today that Parliament must sanction the activation of Article 50, not just the PM using the Royal Prerogative, has set `the cat among the pigeons`. Leavers are convinced it could lead to MPs frustrating the will of the people expressed in the referendum, but political commentators consider this very unlikely. Andy Bell considered the implications of the ruling. Teresa May has said the Government will now appeal.

Inflation is set to rise, a consequence of the Brexit vote according the Governor of the Bank of England. He announced that the present interests rates were on hold. Simon Vigar found people on the street more conscious of rising prices and pessimistic of the future. The post referendum recession has not materialized but the picture continues to change. 

The presidential hopefulls have been targeting the floating voters. Hilary’s lead continues to reduce, now 1.7%. Julian Druker looked at the state of Ohio where industry is in serious decline. Unemployment is increasing leaving voters feeling forgotten and desperate and this helps the Trump support. He is growing in confidence while she has been trying to show voters what it would be like should he win. Trump’s wife is also on the campaign trail speaking out on his behalf. 

Parents are told to be more proactive in stopping their children snacking by the Chief Medical Officer. Record numbers of children are leaving primary school overweight or obese (34%). Drastic measures are called for such children should be stopped from having seconds, all snacks and sugary drinks, while being given smaller portions. Also parents should encourage at least an hours physical exercise every day, and ensure the family sit together for meals. Lazy parenting was felt to be a large factor.

At the premier of the film “A street cat named Bob” the star in question looked very relaxed and calm on his owners shoulders. The feelgood film, based on a true story, was  attended by celebrities including the Duchess of Cambridge. It has a serious side in examining how the human lead was helped by the influence of the cat (“played” by Bob himself) to turn his life around and rebuild it.

In brief: A father who has been found guilty of shaking his baby son to death was sentenced to life with a minimum 53 years. 2 1/2 thousand prison officers are to be recruited to try to fill the large numbers of vacancies.

Weather: Turning colder but some sunshine. More cloudy in the south but with a frost in Scotland and the north of England. Scattered showers for the Channel Isles. Everywhere the breeze will make it feel even colder.