The new five pound notes are out giving the idea of “plastic” for money a new meaning. The plastic notes are more durable, resistant to tears, and survive washing! Large numbers of the old paper ones always needed scrapping every year. They are also better against fraud and fakes. However business is concerned about the cost to upgrade all the automatic machines that take paper money.

The death of a teenage girl at a Priory clinic was, in part, due to inadequate care, a jury has decided. The 14 year old died after the staff at the clinic were too slow to call a Dr, or 999 or know CPR.  The family have campaigned for this verdict, but the Priory have said that major changes have already taken place at this clinic.

BHS is now gone for good. The administrators announced that no buyers had been found and thanked the public and BHS employees for their help in the fruitless, relentless search. 11,000 jobs and all the stores are likely now to be lost and a closing down (bargain) sale will begin. Interviewed customers were sad but not surprised. PMs are to quiz the recent and past owners to see just what they have to say for themselves but retail experts say the stores downfall was due to many complex reasons including the growth in online shopping and turbulent times.

No good at skateboarding? Eric the dog is and is a social media sensation after being filmed at a skatepark. He is hugely popular with other boarders but as yet sadly can’t do left turns!

At least 10 people have drown in Europe following flash floods after heavy rain. France, Germany and Austria have been particularly hit. Many were taken by surprise at the speed of the water said survivors and witnesses.

A 3 year old boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at Ohio Zoo in Cincinnati. The police released his mothers 911 call for help. The gorilla had to be shot so the little boy could be rescued. While the Zoo said it simply had no choice they have been criticised for this action and some say the parents were to blame for not looking after their son properly.

Men with large waistlines, 37 inch  +, are more likely to develop more virulent prostate cancers.

A little girl has died in hospital after she was found beside her dead father and two dogs. Police are investigating.

A Spanish football star is being investigated for tax fraud in Spain.

Jeremy Corbin was out campaigning for the Remain side in the forth coming referendum. He has been criticized for not being active enough. He says he has been speaking out about the need to remain in the EU but voters interviewed thought Labour wanted Britain to leave. Although he is out and about more to get Labour voters to vote remain, critics say his message is mixed because he spend much of his time also attacking Cameron and Osbourne, who lead the Remain campaign, in his attacks on the Tory government. The SNP who also want Britain to remain in the EU also attacked Corbin for not doing enough. Meanwhile Boris Johnson leading the Leave side was out with farmers today to encourage them to vote to leave the EU.

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