Dear blog,
The 0.5 interest rate remains the same, I think the Bank of England announced at some point today.
Former President Bill Clinton speaks fondly, with respect, & publicly about President Obama. I thought he was seriously ill according to some media reports and mounting speculation about his health, but he looked OK to me.
Vladimir Putin uses a hang-glider to lead rescued birds, in his goggles too. I thought he was very brave to try it but he succeeded too, well done to him.
A judge is lenient towards a known burglar, and says publicly the burglar was very brave in attempting to burgle a house! The  criminal got off rather too lightly, the P.M. didn’t welcome or agree with the judge’s comments, and the judge is just being very silly. To me Burglary is a horrid crime whereby the home owner or tenant, no longer safe, feels violated and traumatised especially if you have mental health problems.
Sarah Storey now has 4 gold medals, a breathtaking cyclist. The girls during the paralympics are showing the boys just how to do it. Australia, I think, won the wheelchair football. Johnny Peacock was a runner up for final, the football as magical.
The P.M. and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg announce building an extension to your house, and the exact measurements maybe a bit bigger and more flexible for now. At least for these are changing a bit there will be more help of some kind for first time buyers. The coalition wants more growth in the economy, and more land used for building new homes. Local councils are taking far too long to give planning permission for conservatories etc. What Nick Clegg was saying, to me, was there’s the land lets get on and build on it, but unless they are cheap and affordable homes, especially in this gloomy ongoing recession, his words are empty without any real meaning attached to it. But yes, vital confidence is badly needed but only time will tell on this. I doubt hardly anyone is considering major renovation or conservatries at the moment, the people and the entire economy of this country feels utterly lost and broke. No Plan B for Mr Chancellor himself.
Singer Tulisa, whose surname I couldn’t even begin to spell, launches her own clothing fashion range. She has her own personal style and people are now expected to buy into it. They say she might give Stella Mccartney something to worry about, really? Who knows, but I certainly won’t be buying her clothes myself, my own style is rather extrovert, fluorescent colour type clothes and ultra bright nail varnish to try and compliment my near shoulder length red hair.
The car massacre in France – 4 year old Zena found 8 hours later hiding for her life under her parents bodies in the car. Her older sister in hospital in an induced coma. 60 police officers now on the case, there was a lake nearby, a cyclist passing at the exact same time too was also fatally shot and killed. Another cyclist was the 1st on the scene after it took place, the crime scene was cordoned off, the house the family owned in England is being closely guarded. The family is from the Surrey area and have lived in the house for many years. An absolute shock, it was apparently a last minute holiday, 1 of the children, it’s believed, was due to start at reception class in a couple of days time. A guy, a neighbour, said he had 1st read and heard about it in the Times Newspaper but I really only read the Daily Star newspaper anyway. Why this actually happened may take much longer to answer it was also said on-screen.
On 6.30pm tonight  a girl called Bethany was due to be interviewed.
Emma Crosby wore a nice white dress on 5 news UK Tonight, 
There was a nice viewer photo of clouds shown on-screen. Rather warm in western Scotland, there is rain and the south will be a bit nippy to start with.The weekend overall is bright, sunny and warm. 
U.V. In the south medium UV levels but wear some sun cream it was said. FilmstripAngelSleepy