Weather: brilliant advertising for Monarch Airlines – very well acted. A fine viewers photo of a sunset. A chilly night, a touch of frost in some places but milder in the afternoon.

Newsreader Emma Crosby tonight wore the same silver pendant while wearing yet another blue dress so she still blends in too much with the background.

The “Living wage” Labour wants it to be the usual wage. £7.45 should be the rate but others say small business would never manage it, too “unrealistic”. (I’d never heard of it.)

More passengers fuel Ryanair profits. (I was very tempted to get the charity Ryanair calendar but got the Mrs Browns’ boys calendar instead.)

Dale Kregon denies murdering the policewomen in Manchester.

Senior Tory (unnamed) linked to child abuse in Welsh children’s care home in the 70s and 80s.

Sharon Osbourne has had both breasts removed to avoid possible cancer in the future – faulty gene identified. She has recovered from colon cancer some years ago but this action is very unusual given the risk.

Robbie Williams not going to be played on Radio 1, not felt to be “relevant” to their target listeners 15 – 29 yrs old. Singer Rita Ora said she was a huge fan of Robbie but couldn’t comment on the stations decision. (I’m sceptical that Radio 1 is targeting the right audience). It was stated that you maybe hear Robbie on Radio 2 instead? Emma Crosby then says she feels old!

Australia – Prince Charles and Camilla embrace all local customs. The crowds weren’t as big as with William and Kate. My favourite reporter Simon Vigar observed Camilla has parasol like Kate. Prince wears silly looking, dark coloured hat. Prince Charles joked his jet lag meant he felt “one sausage short of a barbie.”

There’s one day to go for Romney and Obama. They’re still neck and neck, fighting over critical states.

I’m missing reporter Katie Goodman with her awesome smile and accent. Please come back soon?


Fireworks are blazing outside, had an average day, still hate the dark nights closing ever in. Many thanks to you all for reading my blog. Good night all. Laugh