The VIP issue of the risk of terrorism at the French European Football Championships was highlighted again today when Ukraine announced they had arrested a French suspect in their country, who was planning up to 15 attacks in public places and at public events in France during the games. It was said he stock-piled guns, grenades and explosives. However French security said they knew nothing about the Frenchman arrested and had been kept in the dark. Now some are doubtful of the claims of Ukraine. So how worried should fans going to the games be? Be vigilant but enjoy yourselves is the advice said Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter.

Andy Bell reported on the four parties represented at a Remain Campaign rally – The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens. However the deep division in the Tories on this issue was again highlighted by the fact that two prominent Tories were heading the Leave group at a factory event. They stressed the problems in Europe and how they may affect us if we stay members of the EU. For example future difficulties in the Euro-zone might mean we have to contribute to countries in trouble. The experts say we won’t but it was acknowledged we have had to in the past.

A trainee teacher has been jailed for life following convictions on 71 counts of child sex abuse.

The ex-Chelsea football team Dr was giving evidence at an Employment Tribunal today. She is claiming Constructive Dismissal. It was said she had turned down a settlement prior to the hearing.

A body has been found in the Atlas Mountains, it is suspected to be the body of a missing British tourist.

Police are searching for a man following the stabbing to death of a pensioner and the disappearance of his wife. The suspects car was found at Dover and it is believed he may have fled to France.

It was highlighted today that many carers, who save the country millions, get little or no support from their employers and so have to reduce their hours or leave work altogether. Carers UK called upon employers to be more flexible and supportive.

Eastern Australia, including cities like Sydney, are getting battered by high seas, torrential rain and strong winds. 3 are know to have been killed by the storms, and the resulting floods have left communities isolated and stranded.

On the subject of the forthcoming referendum it was highlighted that 7 million people are still not registered to vote, often because they have recently moved and not told their local council. They have now just 30hrs left to get registered!

A mural by the well known graffiti artist Banksey has appeared on a school wall. It was his way of saying thanks to the school.

Mini Stephenson reported from US on the preparations for Mohammed Ali’s funeral. He has planned it himself and he is to be laid to rest in his home town. Celebrities and politicians from all over the world are going to attend and millions will watch this celebration of his life on TV. There are going to be 3 days of mourning in America.

Weather – Sian Whilby, in a lovely scarlet top, forecast a muggy night leading to widespread heavy showers and thunder across the country tomorrow. Gentle winds and a temp. of mid twenties. The pollen count was to be low in Scotland, medium in the midlands and high in the south.