Philip Hammond reassures everyone that security remains high priority in Afghanistan after two soldiers killed.

Protests in Jakarta against US, as mounting anger about anti-muslim video spreads.

Policeman Simon Haywood sacked over death in G20 protest. He admitted 2 out of the three charges brought against him by panel. Some unanswered questions remain and the family feel there’s been a white-wash.

Badger cull given the go-ahead to curb cattle TB. Poor badgers.

Ed Sheeran is the most pirated artist downloaded illegally. Allegation that many in Manchester download music illegally.

Modular shake-up in education – now a single 3hr exam to be introduced. Labour say it is out-of-date. Also 1 new exam board to be created. Under the old system, GSE, you needed a good memory – a return to those days said by woman. 20 year ago since last major overhaul. New system to be call E-bacs, results then to be carefully scrutinised. I was never good at exams, I’d prefer course work/modules any day of the week.

Woman was jailed for 8 years after self aborting her baby in May 2010. Abortion drugs bought on-line and done at home. A heart-breaking case. She had previously tried to hide another pregnancy. It was felt to be extremely disgraceful. Woman has said she is very sorry but won’t reveal where the baby is buried.

-90 degree celsius temperatures in Antarctica to be face by Ranalf Phines. Starting in March when it is their winter and dark all the time. Ranalf joked he was looking forward to eating some flap-jacks (I guess he must be taking some there?).

Kate’s pics. Criminal proceedings start with injunction. Fine could be up to 200,000 euro. All the copies of the French `Closer` had sold out so it was argued the French laws are just not tough enough. One guy said the pictures might help help to boost her image as a modern royal. Pictures in Italy and Ireland but no one sure what is going to happen there. Kate herself wore a nice yellow dress on the tour. Simon Vigar had spoken to Prince William who tried to put it into perspective by saying it was no big thing, that nobody had died. A weird looking war canoe and a fake shark was seen on the royal tour, the nick name for the shark may be “Snappy” said Simon. There was also a couple of women dancing in orange grass skirts, they looked rather good at it. Kate visited a women’s rights conference and wore a flowered head style band. “Keep calm and carry on”. They are on the final leg of the tour tomorrow but they are taking each day as it comes.

Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a black, red and white dress tonight. Good on her.

On 6.30pm edition something about IVF, even more on the Kate royal story, and even more about the Antarctica explorer trip.

Simon Vigar has come to his realisation that the birth of William and Kate’s baby, whenever it takes place, is worth zillions. Well Mr red socks himself, you are worth more than that anyway, and to us you are the best royal correspondent in the business. Your unique insight should be in every royal documentary. The pregnancy kit picture really helped bring this to life. I bet they have a girl, a suggested name is Simone. This royal documentary tomorrow (Tuesday) should be well worth watching, I certainly won’t be missing it.

Weather – put the heating back on Sian Welby says. Single digit temperatures, getting much cooler day-by-day. UV medium, wear some sun cream. I think this could vary though in some places.