James Holmes formally charged with the cinema killings in America. Court cameras now banned by judge.

20,000 people flee in Syria. Final nail for Assad, though 5 News couldn’t verify the film footage used in their report, one man said that Assad couldn’t survive. In Aleppo a captured tank is seen driven away by the rebels.

Apple and Samsung in court openly accusing each other of copying each others phones, a good report by Peter Lane. It will now go before a judge and jury, the designs of phones may now change significantly, probably the change of the century.

The Queen’s stuntman was in pink and twin set when he dropped from the helicopter but he could still hear the roar of the crowd below. Mini Stevenson met him, an amusingly good report by her. He said the outfit wasn’t uncomfortable to wear, he had asked to keep it but had been refused.

Rows of empty seats producing angry complaints from athletes families. The organisers are saying that they have it in hand. One woman said in the piece that she thought it was disgusting. A return system should be in place. There is still a huge appetite for more tickets. 2 divers not quite synchronised for Team GB and finished 4th. Young member of Plymouth Diving club where Tom Daily trains on a 10 meter board was interviewed, felt Tom had done Britain proud. Zoe Smith (weightlifter) lifted 211kg! Hockey player Kate, our captain, has jaw broken by opponents stick. Rebecca Adlington wins bronze in one of her swimming events. Zara Phillips started her competition in the equestrian event. Cauldron moved. PM went to Olympics by tube train. USA already has three gold’s, we are at 17th place but cheer up, it’s only three days into the games Simon Vigar said.

Weather as sponsored by Pimms – unsettled rain or showers, a damp start tomorrow, rain comes and goes, 17 – 18 celsius. UV low, but medium I think in Scotland.

The weather is still way too humid and uncomfortable for me at the present time.