4 from one family was tragically wiped out a court heard. Lorry driver Thomas Kroker has been jailed for 10 years after ploughing into stationary traffic while sorting out his music on his mobile phone. The bereaved have called on the authorities and the public to treat using the mobile phone while at the wheel the same as drink driving. Simon Vigar reported on the case, while in the studio Matt Barbet discussed what can be done, unfortunately increasing penalties seems to have no effect, and it was proposed that new technology should be created that turns the phone off while the vehicle is in motion.

A 5 News UK investigation has shown how easy it is to get guns into this country. Although not going ahead with the order, they were able to access online guns, including for example the Glok 17, on what is called the “Dark-net”. Criminals and extremists could get them without checks, and the National Crime Agency admit they are unclear about the true scale of the problem. It is an issue now due to the way modern computers have made ordering such weapons much more easy.

The government has announced there is to be no inquiry into the police actions at Orgreave during the 1980s miners strike. Even after all these years the police are accused of brutality during the disturbance and fabrication of evidence during and after the event. Many expected an inquiry would be started so massive disappointment and frustration is mixed with anger. Labour are equating it to Hillsborough but the Government say not.

Trumps women – Julian Druker met the women who are backing Donald Trump in the Presidential race. Clinton, according to the polls, has the support of a greater number of women, especially the educated voters. However the return of Hilary’s emails problem has resulted in the narrowing of the polls, from over 7% lead to under 3! The campaign continues very bitter and brutal. (I think the Trump women featured are pathetic.)

Should the issue of transgender be taught to young kids as young as 6? The BBC has produced an educational programme featuring other young kids who feel they are transgender. The programme has produced a large amount of criticism from family and religious groups, saying it sexualizes  children too young. But supporters say that the subject should be included with issues of bullying, discrimination etc.

News in brief: The Governor of the Bank of England has announced he intends to remain in his job for the full term of eight years. A group of MPs have criticized the Government for claiming that NHS spending is increasing by 10 billion pounds and implying there is plenty of money in the system, they say the figures show the increase is closer to just 4 1/2 billion and that money is much less readily available.

Weather. Colder with frost/foggy start. Cloudy all day but clearing from the north. Stronger winds are on the way later in the week. Manchester temp. is expected to be around 9C.

The new look studio for 5 News UK looks very modern, with a nice choice of colours. I was glad to see they chose to keep the number 5 in its logo and not the word 5. Keep up the fantastic work 5 News, your consistent and good at what you do. I hope one day that you see that I have to say on this.

In other news, a young girl has shown remarkable bravery in dealing with a disfigurement due to a circulatory condition. Despite her looks she is blogging about make-up and cookery. She is to be honoured at the Pride of Britain awards tonight.

Mine was OK, but I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween. For me it was great and lively, the children calling were awesome.