A roller-coaster ride in Scotland has crashed, seriously injuring 2 children and 8 others needed treatment. On-lookers rushed to help as the `gondoliers` came of the rails on a bend.

England’s next game is tonight but will it be straight forward? Icelander still have hopes and almost 8% of their population are in France! Both teams have not lost a match in the tournament and haven’t played each other for  lot of years Peter Lane reported.

Andy Bell (political editor) and Sian Williams (presenter) reported on the ongoing repercussions of last weeks vote. The Chancellor had tried to steady the markets with reassurances and announcing there won’t be an emergency budget, but the trading rooms remain very tense and the pound has continued to fall. Politicians from the leave camp say it won’t last but businessmen expect prices to start rising soon. The PM has made some key decisions such as which civil servants will make up the group who will sort out leaving the EU, but still left most decisions for the new PM in the Autumn. There was the first Cabinet meeting today after the vote with people leaving giving little away as to how it actually went. It was noted that most EU leaders have now agreed to give us a little time to calm down before formally asking to leave but not very much. Martin Lewis, money expert, said we should stay calm and carry on as normal, not talk ourselves into a recession.

Jeremy Corbyn remains under increasing pressure to step down after more resignations from his Cabinet and junior shadow ministers, more than 2 dozen today. He has been told he will face a leadership challenge but as yet refuses to go willingly and his supporters don’t want another election. So far the `coup` has not succeeded. A vote of no confidence is expected in the next day or so and is expected to win, but it will probably make no change to Corbyn. Andy Bell said the “log jam” will continue only worse.

Hate crime has gone up over 57% after the referendum, especially against Muslims and Polish people. The police are on high alert. Simon Vigar (my favourite reporter) spoke to some in a targeted Polish community who are worried and angry, but noted messages of support are also coming in. It was said that the small minority of racists appear to feel they have been given a license for such expressions following the vote.

The reasons for the vote last week are still being studied. Hartlepool benefited from much European funding but still voted to leave. Many reasons were suggested such as a protest vote, but immigration was felt to be by far the biggest factor.

French police are looking for a suspect in connection with the Egyptian plane crash but say they don’t consider him a terrorist!

Weather – An unsettled week is forecast. A dry end of today and start tomorrow will quickly change to rain. The pollen levels were high to very high today but will decrease tomorrow in the rain to moderate.