The “Jungle camp” outside Calais is to be demolished, with the bulldozers waiting to start tomorrow. Thousands queued today to board buses to new temporary reception centres where they can register as asylum seekers and stay in France. Others seem intent to stay at the camp and try to go to the UK despite the threat of arrest and deportation. Dominic Reynolds reported on the issue and the possibility of trouble there tonight, riot police were there in full force. Will this end scenes of migrant camps in France? Some say not as many are still streaming in illegally into France to get to the UK.

A list has been produced naming medical procedures/treatments/tests that may be pointless or unnecessary. It recommends that while they may be useful in other situations, Drs and patients should discuss what alternatives are better. Catherine Jones reported on the issue, some say the list is driven by saving money, that the list is patronizing to good Drs and patients, and that some tests occasionally show up other problems which need treatment. (I diagree with this list.)

PM Teresa May met the leaders of the devolved parliaments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland concerning how Brexit may effect their countries. She said they would have access to talk to David Davies (Brexit Secretary) who is dealing with this, this to tell him what they want. However Andy Bell (Political reporter) said the leaders were not reassured and felt the talks were very frustrating.

Irish christian bakers have lost their appeal in court. They have been found guilty of discrimination after refusing to bake a cake which supported gay marriage. They feel they should have the right not to do something against their religion and beliefs.

There was a discussion of young peoples gender realignment. A charity has raised the issue that while children should have their wishes and needs met, parents can find their views ignored by health and local authorities. It was felt that many schools aren’t supportive, and local authorities and GP’s don’t always understand the child’s or their parents problems.

Is heading in football dangerous?  A new report says that there is damage with repetitive heading but couldn’t say if this was a permanent or temporary thing. Some say the football authorities are ignoring a potentially vital issue for all footballers but especially for kids learning the sport.

News in brief: 2 policemen have been reversed into in Scotland. A man is being interviewed about a gas release at Heathrow airport. In Indonesia a British man has been charged with the murder of two women, he admitted to the killing but said it was manslaughter due to diminished responsibility. This is disputed. Singer Pete Burns has died of a heart attack aged 57.

Finally Mini Stephenson reported on a miracle baby. The Drs found a life threatening tumor on the spine of the baby in the womb at 16 weeks and so the only way was to remove the baby, operate on the tumor, and put the baby back. The baby has now been born healthy and thus it is felt lucky and unique to have two birthdays!

Tomorrows weather: After a frosty, foggy start,the day will be dry and settled.